Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 271

Chapter 271: Can Only Do Can Not Say

The servant Qiu Sao was also the pair of pants she and Fang Lilan wore when she came to the Fang family when she was eleven.

Not a good thing.

Sister Qiu ate a closed door, an angry expression flashed across her face, and she quickly became kind again.

Fang Xinxin stood in front of the window in the room on the second floor, watching Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai driving out of the hospital one after another.

He took out his cell phone and dialed a phone number, "Chi Minzhe, send me someone to stare at Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai. If there is any good news between the two, please take a picture."

"No problem." There was a hearty male voice over the phone.

Chi Minzhe is the president of a private detective agency.

She has been in touch a few days ago.

After Fang Xinxin married into the Bai family in the previous life, there is still a woman Xiao Xiang Bai Qinghao.

She used to have the heart to spend a lifetime with Bai Qinghao, but unfortunately, too many times, she feels ashamed.

She privately went to a detective agency to investigate the background of those women who had different intentions.

After a few screenings, I found that Chi Minzhe has a good character, a wide network of connections, and fair fees.

However, Chi Minzhe would not do anything related to human life or further darkness, which was regarded as abiding by the law.

Unlike the black owl organization, no matter black or white, the methods are harsh, as long as the business is accepted, no matter how black is the business.

Look for the thief who stole her phone and framed her eldest brother Fang Shaohua, who needed the black owl organization to go out.

Zha Fang Lilan and Long Shuhai have any shaky hooks, just ask Chi Minzhe.

Fang Xinxin in this world, in the matter of accumulating contacts, business negotiation, and starting a company...

It is progressing gradually and developing at an extremely fast speed.

Putting the phone back in her pocket, she stood in front of the window, looking up at the boundless night sky.

There are few stars in the moon, and occasionally a few stars blink with seemingly non-existent brilliance, revealing a kind of cold loneliness.

I don't know if the starry sky is too cold, or she feels lonely because she misses Bai Qinghao.

What is her beloved man Bai Qinghao doing right now?

Like her, are you thinking of each other?

He was far away from the border, even though he was thousands of miles away, he was still under the same starry sky with her.

It is his duty to defend the home and the country.

To love him is her nostalgia.

No matter where he is or how far away, she will silently wait for him to come back.

At this moment, Bai Qinghao was lying on the ground in the deep forest on the border, looking up at the bright moon in the night sky, and looking at it, the silver moon turned into Fang Xinxins face, her eyebrows, lips, nose...

His eyes are deeper and colder than the vast universe, and there is a gentle brilliance unknowingly...

She couldn't go back to her outside, she knew that he missed her heartbroken.


The next morning, after Fang Xinxin woke up, she exercised for two hours as usual, trying to become a skinny beauty before the commander returned.

Thinking of Fang Lilan, she didn't go to school and waited in the lobby on the first floor of Fang's villa.

At about 7:30 in the morning, Fang Lilan's car drove into the yard. A minute later, she carried a food box into the hall, "Xinxin, have you gotten up so early?"

"What you said yesterday, what can only be done, can't be said?" Fang Xinxin raised an eyebrow.

"You'll know in a moment." Fang Lilan put the food box on the table, "My dear daughter, come and have some breakfast first. This is the sweet-scented osmanthus pancake that my mother went to Xu Xiangji to buy for you. Xu Xiangji's business is so good. They have been in line for more than an hour. In the past, I must be too lazy to waste time queuing. Who made my Xinxin just like to eat this pancake."