Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 272

Chapter 272: Lilan Took The Initiative To Do A Paternity Test

"I have eaten it, you can eat it."

"You kid, it's not that I don't know that except for the ten fixed greasy foods that mom has eaten in the past few months, other foods are not allowed." Fang Lilan picked up the pancake with chopsticks and handed it to her, "Come on, don't Wasting mother's mind."

Fang Xinxin smiled sweetly, with a playful but serious tone, "I'm afraid you will poison the food."

Lilan's face of the middle-aged woman with thick powder changed slightly, she sighed, and put the pancakes back in the food box, "It seems that the misunderstanding between our mother and daughter is too deep. No matter!"

He beckoned at the servant Qiu's wife, "You take it to eat."

Sister Qiu was flattered, "Madam, isn't this bad..."

"There is nothing wrong with it. Anyway, apart from Xinxin, Man Xue, Shuhai and I cannot eat any other food for the time being."

"Thank you, madam." Qiu's wife retired with the canteen.

Fang Lilan led Fang Xinxin's hand to the front of the car, "Get in the car with mom."

Fang Xinxin is not afraid of her tricks, Yiyan.

Fang Lilan drove Fang Xinxin in a car, shuttled through the congested urban area, and reached a few fork roads in the suburbs, "Come with my mother for a drive, tell me, which way?"


"You should point me in one direction." Lilan insisted.


Fang Lilan drove the car to the left side of the road and drove for about a hundred kilometers before the car stopped in front of a township-level judicial authentication center.

"Xinxin, I know, over the years, because of some wrong behaviors by your mother, you..." A bitterness appeared on the corner of Fang Lilan's lips, "Causing you to suspect that I am not your biological mother. There are some things that can't be done. Its better to do it directly. Lets do a paternity test, and when the results come out, everything will come to light."

Fang Xinxin saw the sign of the appraisal center and probably guessed what Fang Lilan meant.

Its just that Fang Lilan would take the initiative to do a paternity test?

Is she really his mother?

Fang Lilan saw that she didn't speak, and said, "This appraisal agency is state-owned and very formal. The direction is what you mean. I just click on the navigation map to find this agency. I don't have much money now. It's impossible for me to reach the world. , I can buy any appraisal agency. In other words, as long as we go in for appraisal, the result must be true and accurate."

Fang Xinxin remained silent, a strange feeling arose in her heart.

After Lilan parked the car in the parking space, she got out of the car first, "I'm here, but it's regrettable not to go in."

The two actually entered this township-level judicial appraisal agency. After registering and paying the fee, they took blood and did a paternity test.

The staff said the results will be available in seven working days.

From the appraisal center, Fang Lilan drove Fang Xinxin to the school.

The time has come to noon.

Fang Lilan personally escorted Fang Xinxin to the first bedroom in D1.

Roommate Wu Jiatong looked at Fang Lilan and praised, "Fang Xinxin, is this your mother? So young and so temperamental!"

Another roommate, Sun Jiamu, saw Fang Lilan, but cast an ironic look, "Fang Xinxin is a sophomore, Chairman Fang, you used to appear, only to see Fang Manxue, how is it so strange, in Xinxins bedroom? Can I see you too? Is it raining red?"

To curry favor with Fang Manxue, Wu Jiatong immediately shouted, "Sun Jiamu, how do you talk? This is Commander Bai's future mother-in-law!"