Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 274

Chapter 274: Jia Mu Weixin Is Coming

No wonder Fang's mother can get Commander White's funding under her name.

However, Fang Xinxin is a junior, after all, the amount that Commander Bai has funded has been recovered.

It shows that she doesn't like this kind of woman who can't get on the stage.

Sun Jiamu lay on the upper bunk of the dormitory, stretched his head to the lower bunk, and stared at Fang Xinxin in the lower bunk curiously, "You haven't said why your mother can'begging' in your name to get help from Commander White. ?"

Fang Xinxin lay with her hands back on her head, "If I say I am Bai Qinghao's fiance, would you believe it?"

Sun Jiamu did not respond, Wu Jiatong immediately laughed, "Fang Xinxin, you are too wishful thinking! Do not pee and look in the mirror, just your fat and ugly appearance, let alone the fiance of Commander Bai, I'm afraid it is white The servants of the house are more beautiful than you!"

"And you." Wu Jiatong said fiercely to Sun Jiamu, "Fang Xinxin has a bad heart and wants to **** her second sister's fiance. Stay away from her!"

"Nonsense, Xinxin is not that kind of person!" Sun Jiamu was angry and excited, and fell off the upper bunk, "Ah!"

Planting her head down on her stomach, she was about to touch her head on the ground. Fang Xinxin had sharp eyes and hands, and when she got out of bed, she caught her.

Only then did Sun Jiamu escape the fate of head blossoming, leaning against Fang Xinxin's arms, her face pale, "I scared my baby to death..."

Fang Xinxin gave her a hand to make her stand firm, and then said, "Just as my second sister talks nonsense to Wu Jiatong, you can be so excited."

He complained, but his expression was very moved.

"Thank you for your life-saving grace." Sun Jiamu patted Fang Xinxin on the shoulder, and strode over to find Wu Jiatong for theory, "Who do you think is wrong?"

"Just say what's wrong with Fang Xinxin?" Wu Jiatong put her hands on her hips, a **** cursing on the street, "Sun Jiamu, I tell you, you offended Fang Manxue yesterday and almost deposed your grandson family by Commander Bai. If it weren't for me. Manxue intercedes for you in front of you, can you still stand here?"

"Cut, who wants you to intercede!" Sun Jiamu pointed at her, "If you dare to speak ill of Fang Xinxin, my old lady will tear your mouth apart!"

Wu Jiatong is considered to be the eldest sister in the class, and there are several other attendants.

Have always been used to domineering blessings.

How can you allow people to be presumptuous in front of oneself, "I think you are looking for death, then I will fulfill you!"

With that, he fought with Sun Jiamu fiercely.

Sun Jiamu is a daughter, she has never had a fight before, so she must be dead!

When the people in the bedroom next door heard a big noise here, they all gathered around to watch.

Lou Yuna said twice at the door, "Wow, Sun Jiamu is crazy. She dared to fight with the eldest sister in the class. This time she must die ugly..."

Fang Manxue also watched the excitement outside.

Sun Jiamu helped Fang Xinxin so much, wishing her to die long ago, better to be beaten to death alive!

"Jia Mu is miserable this time..." The other girls who watched the show wanted to help but did not dare to offend Wu Jiatong.

Wu Jiatong grabbed Sun Jiamu's hair and wanted to push her knees against her abdomen, but she couldn't stand still inexplicably. She planted green onions in a weird posture, her body slid out, her chin hit the door frame, and she was alive. A mouthful.

"Ah, I killed you!" Wu Jiatong screamed in pain, turned around, stared at Sun Jiamu hatefully, and rushed towards her like crazy.

Seeing her radical reaction, Sun Jiamu was stunned on the spot.