Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 275

Chapter 275: Xin Didn't Help

When everyone thought Sun Jiamu would be torn apart, the lamp at the top of the bedroom suddenly fell from the ceiling and hit Wu Jiatong in the head.

Wu Jiatong instantly broke his head and fell limp to the ground.

The sudden change caused shock to those who were blocking the door watching the excitement.

Fang Manxue pointed to Sun Jiamu and said, "You...you killed someone!"

Fang Xinxin glanced at Fang Manxue sternly, "Second sister, it doesn't matter if you have a bad mouth, you can sue you for slandering! Not to mention that Wu Jiatong is not dead, but she is dead. It is her own bad luck. "

"We have all seen Sun Jiamu wrestling by herself, and her bad luck was smashed by a lamp!" The other girls did not help Fang Manxue, but told the truth.

"Sun Jiamu, you will definitely be punished by the school." Fang Manxue instigated the divorce, "Just now you turned out for Fang Xinxin, and she didn't help you, such a person, are you worthy for her?"

Fang Xinxin didn't want to disclose that she used a supernatural power to make Wu Jiatong fall and the ceiling lamp fell. She could only say simply, "Jia Mu, I can help you."

"Sanmei, your ability to open your eyes and tell nonsense is not small." Fang Manxue mocked, "Everyone has a lot of eyes. When you see you, you are only watching the fun."

"Jia Mu, you should stay away from Fang Xinxin. Wu Jiatong is injured. You must be responsible. It depends on how the school handles you!" Lou Yuna threatened. Man Xue, maybe she can let Commander Bai come to rescue you."

Fang Manxue raised her chin proudly, waiting for Sun Jiamu to plead.

Sun Jiamu was unmoved, "I just fell from the upper bunk with my head on the ground. If Fang Xinxin hadn't saved me, maybe I would be dead." Chao Xinxin gave a thankful look, "Don't worry about me, I will always Stand on your side."

Fang Xinxin was moved inside and only said, "You will be fine."

Someone called the teacher and took the injured Wu Jiatong to the infirmary.

Wu Jiatong's injury was not serious. After treating the wound, he was called to the Political and Religious Office along with Sun Jiamu.

When the two came out of the political and religious office, Wu Jiatong left with an aggrieved expression.

Sun Jiamu saw Fang Xinxin waiting outside, with a look of surprise, "Xinxin, you are really a god, I am really fine! Director Ma Yongting of the Political and Education Department just persuades major issues to be reduced and minor issues to be reduced. He also said that Wu Jiatong is always in school. Fighting has hurt other girls. If she insists on pursuing it, she will deal with it together. Wu Jiatong is afraid that she will be overturned, so she can only admit it."

"It's okay." Fang Xinxin went with her upstairs to the afternoon class.

The two walked side by side on the campus path, Jia Mu asked her doubts, "Xinxin, it's so strange, Director Ma of the Political and Education Office obviously favored me, and I don't know why."

"Because two days ago, I had something to go to the Dorsett Hotel. I happened to see Director Ma taking a girl from our school to open a room. I told Director Ma in advance that if he doesnt help you, Ill take what I saw at the hotel that day , Report to Mrs. Ma. He immediately agreed."

"Huh?" Sun Jiamu opened his mouth in surprise, "Director Ma opened a room with girls from our school...no?"

"Although Director Ma is more than 40 years old, he is very attractive as a mature man. It is normal to have female students willing to do anything with him."

Sun Jiamu blinked at her mysteriously, "Who is that woman?"