Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 277

Chapter 277: Express A Snake

"Look!" Fang Xinxin laughed, "This is the brother in everyone's mouth. He disappeared for a few days. He was locked in the house and couldn't get out like a trapped beast."

"You..." Jiang Xingnan laughed sarcastically, "Ugly fat lady, it's not uncommon for you to be poor. Don't call for help for a while."

The classmates were all muttering that Fang Xinxin would be miserable soon after hearing this.

A young guy wearing a courier costume from a certain company knocked on the classroom door, "Excuse me, who is Fang Xinxin."

It's not surprising that classmates often sign for express delivery in the classroom.

Someone pointed to Fang Xinxin, who was in the first seat from the bottom on the far right, "She is."

The courier boy walked to Fang Xinxin's desk with a fat rag doll that was unpackaged and the size of a shoebox, "Please sign for it."

"I didn't buy express delivery."

"This is a rag doll given to you by someone. Please accept it if you order the board." The courier brother couldn't help but put the doll in her hand, and turned around and left without waiting for her to respond.

A girl in the class was curious, "Fang Xinxin, the rag doll in your hand is so fat, and there are a lot of spots on your face. It is made just like you."

"Who is so interesting to make a doll like you? Is it your fianc Ke Tianbao?"

Everyone, you speak, I speak.

Suddenly, a flat-pointed jet black head protruded from the rag doll's chest in Fang Xinxin's hand, and the strip-shaped body continued to protrude outward.

Everyone discovered that the doll's chest was hollow.

"Ah, there are snakes in the doll!" The sharp-eyed classmate screamed.

Everyone immediately ran to the side, far away from her.

Jiang Xingnan leisurely manicured his nails, and then blew off the debris on his nails. "It's all said, this young master doesn't play a conspiracy, but Fang Xinxin picked up the express. Everyone testifies, Yang Mouha."

"Jiang Xingnan, it turns out that it was you! How can Xinxin sign for it? It was the courier who left the doll and ran away!" Sun Jiamu paled with fright, "You bad guy! Find a way to get rid of the snake!"

"Hahaha! How do you describe this young master just by the bad guy?" Jiang Xingnan laughed triumphantly, "I gave Fang Xinxin the snake, how can I take it back?"

As if not afraid of snakes at all.

When everyone thought Fang Xinxin would be frightened by the snake alive, she stood up from the sitting position, carried the rag doll that was crawling out of the snake, crossed the rows of chairs between the desks, and came to Jiang Xingnan.

Jiang Xingnan's face turned pale, "You...what are you doing?"

"Isn't it just a snake? Do you think you scared me?" Fang Xinxin shook the fat and ugly doll in front of his eyes. The snake had already crawled out of the hollow doll's chest halfway, his head held high and the snake spit out in the air. letter.

"Take it, take it away!" Jiang Xingnan's voice stammered, and it was all gone for drinking coffee elegantly and arrogantly in class.

"Oh, look at this reaction of brother, afraid of snakes?" Fang Xinxin seemed to feel a little bit, "Since you are so kind, you don't play conspiracies for me, and you generously admit that you sent me the snakes. Then, I won't play yin with you either. of."

She took out a glove from her pocket and put it on. She directly pulled out the half-crawling snake and threw it on Jiang Xingnan's neck. The snake immediately snaked around Jiang Xingnan's neck with a striped body.