Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Entangled By A Snake

Jiang Xingnan's face was pale as paper instantly, and he shouted, "Ah, snake, snake! Help, my young master is most afraid of this thing!"

Except for Fang Xinxin's calmness, the rest of the students were almost scared to pee.

Jiang Xingnan grabbed the snake body wrapped around his neck two or three times and wanted to pull it out, but the snake body became tighter and tighter, and his neck was so tight that it was difficult to speak, "Help! Hurry... Help me remove... "

With Ban Yuliang at a loss, "Nan... Brother Nan, I'm so afraid of snakes."

Almost anxiously crying, "Whoever you, who will save Brother Nan, he can't breathe."

"He asked for it." Fang Xinxin crossed her arms around her chest and said leisurely, "I recognize this snake. It has been out of the mirror twice. Last time it fell from a tree and didn't hit me. I didn't expect Jiang Xingnan was so persistent and gave it to me for the second time. It's a pity, this lady doesn't like to accept his kindness. Young Master Jiang's things have to be returned to him."

"Ah...ah...save..." Jiang Xingnan's face turned red and purple, and he was obviously strangled to death.

Sun Jiamu was also anxious, "Xinxin, what should I do? If this continues, people will die soon!"

"Oh." Fang Xinxin sighed, "It's fine if it's behind the scenes. In front of the class, even though it's a gift from the first brother, he didn't expect him to be so useless, and he didn't have the ability to accept the things he gave out. I am not afraid that Jiang Xingnan is dead, but I am too lazy to get a life on my hands for this kind of scum."

As he said, a pair of big scissors came out from the carrying bag, and it clicked against the snake's neck. The snake's head was cut off accurately and fell to the ground.

The snake had no head. Although it did not die immediately, the force of the winding band was gradually loosened. Jiang Xingnan grabbed the body of the snake again and threw it away. The whole body of the snake wound around his neck finally loosened and was abandoned by him. On the ground.

"Nan... Brother Nan, are you okay?" Yu Liang, a fellow student, hurriedly asked.

Jiang Xingnan fell into a chair with a pale face, her legs were so soft that she could barely stand up, panting, and she was too scared to answer.

"Need to ask?" Fang Xinxin snorted coldly, "Your brother is almost cerebral palsy in fright."

After leaving a sentence, she returned to her seat.

Fang Manxue was really surprised, Fang Xinxin was not afraid of snakes, and almost killed her brother!

The silver teeth were so angry that they almost snapped off, but they were helpless.

This class is a French class. Dong Yuzhu, the lecturer who has also invited a few days off, walked into the classroom, and the majestic middle-aged woman said, "What are you doing together?"

All the students quickly returned to their positions.

Seeing Jiang Xingnan's pale face and sweating coldly, he walked over with concern, "Xingnan, your complexion looks bad, are you sick?"

If it weren't for the principal's son, she wouldn't be so "kind".

Stepping on the strip-like object under his feet, it was still winding and moving. Dong Yuzhu looked down and screamed, "Snake!"

Although the body of the snake without its head was dying, it was unable to wrap her feet.

Dong Yuzhu bounced a few steps away, his face changed drastically, "Why is there a snake in class? Who made it!"

Fang Manxue said apologetically, "My third sister, Fang Xinxin."

Her words were despised by many classmates, because this is not the whole truth.

Dong Yuzhu sternly shouted at Fang Xinxin, "Fang Xinxin, you are so brave to get a snake into the classroom. If the snake hurts someone, you can be expelled from the school for your bad behavior!"