Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 279

Chapter 279:

Fang Xinxin's expression was a bit witty about Lecturer Dong's sharpness, "Oh, no, it really hurts people. Look, the two tooth holes on the back of Jiang Xingnan's hand were bitten by a snake."

"Very well, you admit it. Zong snake deliberately hurt people, I think there will be no teacher to help you in the Political and Education Office!" Dong Yuzhu gritted his teeth and finished, took out his mobile phone and made a call, "Hey, Ma Director? Fang Xinxin injured Xingnan by snakes in class. Come and take care of it."

Some students looked at Dong Yuzhu with strange eyes. This obviously has a grudge against Fang Xinxin.

Even Jiang Xingnan said, "Lecturer Dong, are you too eager to call Director Ma from the Political and Education Office so quickly?"

"I'm not asking Director Ma to come here to deal with justice for you quickly?" Dong Yuzhu looked distressed, "Xingnan, you child is kind. He was bitten by a snake and still want to speak for Fang Xinxin? Listen to the teacher, Her behavior is too bad. If you dare to abuse snakes in class today, will you dare to kill and set fire tomorrow? The school must deal with it seriously!"

Jiang Xingnan said anxiously, "Lecturer Dong, I still don't want it..."

"Why not?" Dong Yuzhu was slapped by Fang Xinxin in the office last time.

Can't wait to kill Fang Xinxin!

If you catch an excuse, how can you let her go, "This kind of student is absolutely impossible not to be expelled!"

Director Ma Yongting of the Political and Education Office quickly came to the class after receiving the call, "Lecturer Dong, what happened, who are you going to expel?"

"This time it's Fang Xinxin." Dong Yuzhu just wanted to confess Fang Xinxin's guilt, Jiang Xingnan hurriedly said, "Director Ma, don't bother you. I think Fang Xinxin likes snakes. Love, I kindly bought a snake as a gift for her, but I didn't know she didn't want it, so I returned it to me."

Holding the two blood-tooth holes on the back of his hand, "I was accidentally bitten by a snake. Fortunately, the snake is not poisonous."

Jiang Xingnan actually bought the snake! Hearing this, Dong Yuzhu almost tilted her face in anger and stared at Fang Manxue, "Why do you say that the snake belongs to Fang Xinxin!"

Cause her to do so many things in front of the students in the class.

"Yes... I'm sorry, Lecturer Dong, I didn't make it clear for a while." Fang Manxue wanted Dong Yuzhu's impression of Xinxin to be worse. How did she know she called Director Ma so anxiously?

"Humph!" Dong Yuzhu was not angry.

However Fang Manxue is Bai Qinghao's fiance. She can't afford to offend her, but she also helps her reason, "Forget it, you are a girl who saw a snake. She was probably scared."

Instead, he frowned seriously at Jiang Xingnan, "Xingnan, you child is too ignorant, how can you give a girl a snake!"

"Yes, yes." Jiang Xingnan answered.

Dong Yuzhu lovingly patted Jiang Xingnan on the shoulder, obviously not planning to pursue it, "I wasted everyone's time, it's time for class."

"Wait." Fang Xinxin said mockingly, "Lecturer Dong, just now you thought it was me who drove a snake and wanted to expel me hysterically. You also called Director Ma eagerly. How can I change to Jiang Xingnan without expelling? Just because Jiang Xingnan is. The principals son, how do you see high worship, see low step?"

"Who sees high worship, low tread?" Dong Yuzhu quibble, "Isn't Jiang Xingnan thinking that you like snakes so he bought it for you? His kindness, even if you don't appreciate it, and slander your lecturer and my character! Fang Xinxin , No wonder I heard that you can do what Xiao wants to be the future brother-in-law."