Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 280

Chapter 280: Future Brother In Law?

Although Fang Xinxin wanted to hook up with the rumors of Commander Bai, it has been rampant recently, but no one has spoken openly in front of the parties like Lecturer Dong.

For a time, the eyes of the whole class looked towards Fang Xinxin.

Very curious about the true and false of the rumors.

"Nonsense, Xinxin is not that kind of person." Sun Jiamu said loudly, "Lecturer Dong, you need to speak evidence! As a teacher, you just slandered Xinxin for being fostered last time. For the second time, do you have the morals of a teacher? ?"

"I have no morality?" Dong Yuzhu snorted coldly and sold Fang Manxue without hesitation. Who made her mislead herself into a lot of things just now, "If I listen to others, it's Fang Man. Xue told me personally. If it wasn't true, could she slander her third sister?"

"Wow..." the classmates whispered, but this time almost everyone despised Fang Xinxin.

Fang Manxue's face turned pale. Unexpectedly, what she said to Lecturer Dong in private, she could speak out publicly.

Its okay not to be exposed, if the truth is exposed...

Sun Jiamu looked firm, "I believe Fang Xinxin is innocent! I gave Xinxin 10,000 yuan for free, but she refused to accept it, indicating that she is not a greedy person at all. How could such a character seduce him? Future brother-in-law?"

"Come on, Sun Jiamu." Lou Yuna stood up and spoke to her good friend Man Xue, "How do your ten thousand dollars compare to the wealthy Commander White? You know, Commander Bai leaked out of his nails. They are all counted in billions. I'm not afraid you know that, at Fang Manxue's plea, Commander Bai directly gave Fang Xinxin clothes worth nearly 100 million yuan. Such a top-quality diamond man cannot be found in the world. Two."

"Wow, clothes worth nearly 100 million yuan!" All the students in the class were amazed, and Wu Jiatong laughed sarcastically, "No wonder Fang Xinxin wants to hook up with her future brother-in-law and change me. Maybe it's all tempted."

The classmates laughed at her, "Are you not afraid that Brother Nan doesn't like you when you talk like this?"

"Of course I only like Brother Nan." Wu Jiatong immediately cast an ambiguous eyeball at Jiang Xingnan, but the other party didn't even look at her at all.

Fang Xinxin saw the reaction of the classmates and said indifferently, "Dear students, including Lecturer Dong, rumors are rumors. I am not afraid of your jokes, Fang Manxue has always been at odds with me, but when she says something bad about me, nothing is true. My Fang Xinxin was engaged to my fiance since I was a child. Fang Manxue has never introduced him to me, and I have never thought of someone elses fiance. Actually, I am..."

Just about to say that it was Commander Bai's fiance, Dong Yuzhu interrupted her, "You mean, why did Fang Manxue mismatch you?"

"Because she is jealous of me." She has such a good fiance as Bai Qinghao, the second sister has coveted it since she was a child.

"Hahaha!" As her words fell, the classmates burst into laughter, and even Jiang Xingnan couldn't help laughing, "Fang Fei, you're afraid that you didn't look in the mirror properly. Although your second sister is not a great country The beauty of the allure is also an absolute beauty. Your appearance is tens of thousands of miles worse than her. Besides your grades, she counts first and you count down. No matter what, Fang Manxue can do it Kill you in a second."

"So, no matter what I say, you don't believe it anymore?" Fang Xinxin was not anxious either.

Classmate Liu Xu also said, "We only believe in the truth that our eyes see."

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