Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 282

Chapter 282:

"Fang Xinxin, please stand up and read the second paragraph on the projection screen in French." Dong Yuzhu said this in French.

With Fang Xinxin's grades so bad that he can't understand even the most basic, how could he read the second paragraph involving advanced business French?

I'm afraid I don't know the professional French vocabulary above.

Everyone knew that Fang Xinxin was a lame, waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

Fang Xinxin didn't respond when sitting in the seat.

Fang Manxue said in French, "Teacher, you also know that none of my three sisters have good grades. How can she read such a professional French? You teach in French. I'm afraid she won't even listen to you calling her. understand."

"Fang Fei Po, this ugly man, dare to return the snake to Lao Tzu. This time, Lecturer Dong will show her face." Jiang Xingnan also spoke French.

The students in the class are all majoring in Fashion Design and Engineering, with a minor in French.

Don't think that language is only a minor. By the sophomore year, students with top grades such as Fang Manxue and Jiang Xingnan are already able to speak French fluently, but they still lack deep business language.

"Fang Xinxin was stunned." Liu Xu sarcastically said in order to behave in front of the goddess Fang Manxue, "Lecturer Dong, she probably didn't even understand you asking her questions."

"No way, Fang Xinxin's poor students are like this. Teaching is equivalent to not teaching." Dong Yuzhu again began to worship lowly. "Excellent students are like Jiang Xingnan and Fang Manxue. Such poor students just spend ten lifetimes. Can't keep up."

Fang Xinxin took a mobile phone to record a video on the spot, because there were a few books on the desktop and the mobile phone was leaning on the pile of books, so it was not conspicuous in the camera.

Sun Jiamu was secretly anxious, and saw Fang Xinxin slowly get up from the chair, with a dazed expression, "Huh? So in the eyes of the teacher, it takes ten lifetimes for a poor student to catch up with an outstanding student."

This was spoken in French, and the second paragraph on the projection screen was read in French in a very clear voice.

Accurate pronunciation and fluent grammar.

Obviously, it is a bit level.

Fang Manxue was stunned on the spot.

How could Fang Xinxin speak so fluent French? Isn't she just a few words!

Jiang Xingnan looked surprised. Not only could the fat woman catch snakes in her hands, but she could also speak and read professional business French. She was obviously underestimated?

It's not that Dong Yuzhu didn't ask Fang Xinxin questions in French before, but Fang Xinxin was like a nerd before, and didn't even understand what she was calling.

Why is it different this time?

Fang Xinxin did not study hard in her previous life and left the university for four years in vain.

It was later discovered that she knew nothing except being the wife of Commander Bai and living under the protection of Bai Qinghao's wings.

Someone once described her like that: the parasite of the Bai family.

She was really sad.

Then, with the pocket money that Bai Qinghao gave after his marriage, he invited teachers in various courses to learn the contents of the university again, and he also asked people to guide a lot of knowledge accumulation that can be used in business.

Don't speak French anymore, she is a master of learning, Fang Xinxin now recognizes the second, and no one recognizes the first.

However, at the current stage after rebirth, everyone thought that she was still the old waste.

Dong Yuzhu quickly recovered, "Fang Xinxin, do you actually understand?"

"Teacher isn't bullshit." Fang Xinxin said with a calm expression, "I have surpassed the level of Jiang Xingnan and Fang Manxue. I'm sorry, it didn't take the ten lifetimes you said."