Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 284

Chapter 284: Win A Round

"Instead, it is necessary for technicians to deeply analyze the potential consumption direction of consumers, and maybe they can also develop other types of markets such as hotel reservations, shared bicycles, etc.? At the right time, recommend marketing, it is possible to obtain further breakthroughs in the market ..."

Very professional and steady, all words and sentences are spoken in French.

All the students in the class were stunned, and a ray of admiration flashed in the eyes of many people. After all, no one in the class had such a high level of French.

Fang Xinxin finished speaking, only to realize that everyone was staring at herself, "Uh...you kids, I am not a panda."

Omit the suffix-please don't stare at me.

Jiang Xingnan reacted first, "Fuck! Are you Fang Xinxin?"

"Young Master Jiang likes to ask nonsense so much?" Fang Xin rolled his eyes admiringly.

Jiang Xingnan was a little admired, but he didn't show it on his face, "It's not just professional, what's so great."

Fang Manxue asked, "Who knows that Fang Xinxin's vocabulary is not wrong? Maybe she babbled a word or two and bullied everyone for lack of deep business French..."

"Did she use the wrong vocabulary? Just ask Lecturer Dong." It was Yu Liang who spoke, "Ms. Dong?"

Dong Yuzhu returned to his senses, her expression ugly. I wanted Fang Xinxin to be ugly, but I didn't expect to make her show up, and said reconciledly, "She has wrong words."

In fact, he just said casually, not wanting Fang Xinxin to be too proud.

Unexpectedly, it would soon cause a big trouble for myself.

Fang Xinxin smiled and asked for advice, "Teacher Dong, for advice, which sentence is wrong?"

Dong Yuzhu pursed his lips and said nothing.

Fang Xinxin curled the corners of her lips, "Teacher Dong, I didn't use half a word wrong, admitting that my poor student has improved. Is it really that difficult?"

After turning his eyes for a half circle, he looked at where Liu Xu was sitting, "I'm sorry, classmate Liu, you are destined to be disappointed if you want to see me get beaten in the face."

Just as the bell rang at the end of get out of class, Dong Yuzhu immediately said in Chinese with a calm face, "This class ends here, get out of class ends!"

Out of the classroom dingy.

Whispers started in the classroom, and everyone resumed talking in Chinese.

Sun Jiamu rushed to Fang Xinxin with admiration, "Xinxin, I don't know your French is so good!"

Fang Xinxin smiled slightly, manipulated the phone screen, and posted the recorded lesson content to the school forum.

Immediately, flowers exploded on the forum.

[Wow! Fang Xinxin's French classroom battles Jiang Xingnan and Fang Manxue!

[Who doesn't know that Jiang Xingnan and Fang Manxue are academic masters, and Fang Xinxin is a scumbag who is worthy to challenge the other two great gods? The rhythm of death. She does not lose, I eat Xiang!

[Sit down and see how Fatty Fang was ravaged and ravaged. She doesnt lose, I drink urine...]

A bunch of Beijing University students who watched the video within a few seconds posted a bunch of opinions under the post, waiting to see Fang Xinxin make a fool of himself.

The post instantly rose a hundred stories.

Fang Xinxin's appearance is shameless, but the notorious "Man of the Wind" in the school has recently reported that she wants to hook up her future brother-in-law.

As long as the scandals and posts on her side, all of them will be in full swing in an instant.

Fang Xinxin could feel the strange silence when countless people watched the video content through the screen.

Only a few seconds later, the messages scrolled like a screen.

[Jiang Xingnan and Fang Manxue's two academic masters actually lost to Fang Xinxin, my God, how is this possible!