Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 285

Chapter 285: See You In The Toilet

[But her French is so professional and powerful. I have been appraised by a French professional master, and there is not a single word wrong! My French friend also said that she is simply a business elite!

[Where is the ticket upstairs in a hurry to eat and drink? Lord has prepared a pile of shit, fresh. See you in the toilet.

[A pot of urine, last night, you are welcome!

Those who despise Fang Xinxin will lose, one by one either escaped or edited the post silently.

However, many students of good deeds are quicker, quoting the original post "Gailou" directly before these posts are edited and revised. Therefore, there are still a few talented and talented people who are clamoring to eat and drink downstairs.

Sun Jiamu also looked through the posts and said with satisfaction, "Xinxin, the facts are in front of you. Everyone thinks that you are N times better than Fang Manxue and Brother Yi in French. Many students questioned that Lecturer Dong was unprofessional. I don't know what I said wrong."

The more I read the message, the more excited I am, "Also, more and more people feel that Lecturer Dong is aiming at you as a vengeance and a small belly. My poor Xinxin has been despised on campus for so long, and finally recovered 10%. !"

Fang Xinxin saw that Sun Jiamu smiled so hard that he couldn't see his teeth, he was really happy for himself.

She secretly decided that she would definitely help when Sun Jiamu had trouble in the future.

He got up and got out of the classroom, "Let's go, it's lunch time, let's go to the cafeteria for dinner."

The two walked side by side on the tree-lined path of the campus, the breeze blowing, and the fragrance of the grass and trees refreshing.

Jiang Xingnan suddenly stopped in front of Fang Xinxin with a gloomy expression, and shouted, "Dead fat woman, stop for me!"

"Smelly blind man, I can't call it a fat woman now, haven't you noticed it?" Fang Xinxin smoothly tucked her hair with her right hand, showed her figure, and her movements were so handsome.

Jiang Xingnan looked at her suspiciously, "It seems to have lost a lot..."

"Nonsense, I lost 60 catties of fat!" Fang Xinxin said proudly, "My weight has dropped from 187 catties to 127."

"What if you lose weight?" Jiang Xingnan snorted coldly. The excellent one quickly calculated it. "Visually you are 1.67 meters and the standard weight is 59 kg. It is popular to be thin for beauty. You are the best for height. Its only one hundred catties thinner. You are over 27 catties. How big is that? Hahaha, just a fat woman!"

Sun Jiamu was angry, "Jiang Xingnan, you are enough. If you get lucky someday, you have the ability to get rid of sixty catties of meat? Look at your second generation ancestor, who cant walk anywhere, I guess you can cost ten catties. Your life!"

Jiang Xingnan patted his chest, "My young master is so good that I can run three laps around the earth. My height and weight are perfect. One more point is too fat, one point too thin. If I lose a hair, I dont know how many Meng Jiangnv want to cry on the Great Wall!"

"Blow it." Fang Xinxin praised him generously, "Ugly B always thinks he is handsome."

"Who do you think is ugly?" Jiang Xingnan was annoyed and couldn't bear people saying that he was not handsome anymore. He immediately struck back. The look on Fang Xinxin's face was a high degree of contempt, "Fat woman, I advise you not to lose weight. Look at your face, what can you do if you lose weight? Look at the face of the world, you dont have any good looks. You might as well tell you the truth, even if you lose 80 to 90 pounds, you still wont A man takes a look at you!"