Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 286

Chapter 286:

Fang Xinxin smiled and asked, "If I become a beauty in the future, will you kneel and lick my shoes?"

Jiang Xingnan waved his hand and didn't believe it at all, "Cut! If you can become a beauty, let alone kneel and lick, labor and capital will have your surname!"

"Good boy." Fang Xinxin nodded immediately, "Fang Xingnan, your son is accepted by my palace. Next time you see me, remember to call mom."


Jiang Xingnan was so angry that smoke came out of his head.

As usual, he had killed this ugly boy.

just now

Staring angrily at her scab-covered face...

The sight was attracted by her eyes.

Her eyes are like stars in the sky, shining and watery.

His eyes are clear and moist, and there seems to be an inexplicable attraction.

Provoked him... almost couldn't look away.

The ugly fat lady is not all good, at least the eyes are pretty good.

Bah, baah!

Perceiving his thoughts, Jiang Xingnan snorted in his heart quickly.

He who has such a high-sightedness, who is not a first-class beauty who does not look at him, how could he think that an ugly fat woman has advantages?

The follower Ban Yuliang behind him tugged his sleeve and said in a low voice, "Brother Nan, don't say that Fang Xinxin has no man to watch from now on, I...I have secretly watched her many times during this period."

Jiang Xingnan glanced at him suspiciously, "Why are you looking at the fat lady?"

"I...I don't think she is that ugly. Moreover, I think she lost 60 kilograms by burst, so amazing!" Yu Liang was afraid that Fang Xinxin would hear it, and his face became shy.

But Fang Xinxin had taken Sun Jiamu out of fifty meters long ago, and he was not interested in listening.

Jiang Xingnan didn't follow, and asked mockingly, "Yu Liang, don't you like Fatty Fang, right?"

"Yes..." admitted unconvincingly. Ever since Fang Xinxin rescued her with glue last time...I can't forget her.

"Damn!" Jiang Xingnan was angry and screamed, "Fang Xinxin is such an ugly fat lady, you like it too, it's a shame to this young master!"

Yu Liang looked at Fang Xinxin's fat back, his eyes lighted, "I think she is actually quite attractive."

Jiang Xingnan patted him on the head, "You are so blinded by shit!"

Fang Manxue, who had been observing for a long time in the distance, walked over and asked curiously, "Brother, why didn't you see you let someone set a trap to ambush Fang Xinxin on the road? You just blocked her way, I still I thought you were going to do it yourself."

"What did Lao Tzu do to her?" Jiang Xingnan was puzzled.

"She made you almost strangled by a snake." Fang Manxue's beautiful face was full of anger and resentment. "The most hateful thing is that in the French class, it hurts both of us and caused us both now. It's not as good as an ugly fat woman by other students. It's really intolerable!"

If in the past, Jiang Xingnan heard someone say that Fang Xinxin is an ugly fat woman, he would definitely step on one more foot and laugh for three days.

I don't know why, but I feel strange when I hear it now.

He glared at Fang Manxue with a slight anger, "Whether labor and management should do anything to people or set up ambushes, it's up to you! French is not as good as people, so go and study hard. You are just a nasty thing!"

Disgusting thing... Fang Manxue couldn't believe how he described himself like this, and his face turned green, "Jiang Xingnan, I am Bai Qinghao's fiance, you better show me respect when you speak!"

"So what?" Jiang Xingnan laughed sarcastically, "Labor and capital are still afraid that you will not succeed!"