Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 289

Chapter 289: Come To Manxue 2

"Go and go, he is Man Xue's fianc." Lou Yuna clasped the hand of Fang Manxue who was standing together on the balcony, and said excitedly, "Man Xue, look! Commander Bai actually walked into our dormitory. Upstairs, coming up right away, he must be looking for you!"

Wu Jiatong, who was in the same bedroom with Fang Xinxin, quickly ran to the balcony of the next room 202, and excitedly grabbed Fang Manxue's hand, "My good Manxue, you must say something for me in front of Commander Bai. My familys business hasnt improved. As long as Commander White is willing to raise his hand, it will be soaring!"

"I'm Qian Xiaohe. Girl Manxue remember me?" Qian Xiaohe rushed into Manxue's bedroom from nowhere. "You signed me in the school cafeteria last time and said that you would let Commander Bai give it to me. I introduce a rich second-generation..."

"And me, Goddess Manxue, you can sign me again..."

"I want to sign too!"

A large number of girls rushed into the 2021 dormitory, each holding paper and pen looking forward to it.

You know, getting the signature of Commander Bai's fiance is not only honorable. When Fang Manxue really married into Bai's family, she was not allowed to sell her signature.

Sun Jiamu walked from the balcony to the door of her bedroom in 2011. The bedroom she and Fang Xinxin lived in was very empty.

Seeing that the next door was blocked by a lot of girls, he shook his head, "A lot of people who don't have the price of insight, what does Fang Manxue's signature want?"

Qian Xiaohe immediately jumped out, "She is Commander Bai's fiance, you insult her, just don't give Commander Bai any face!"

He deliberately spoke loudly because he saw that Bai Qinghao had reached the corner of the second floor.

"Ahhh! Commander Bai has arrived upstairs!" A large number of girls shouted at Fang Manxue on the balcony in the 202nd bedroom.

Countless envious eyes were cast on Fang Manxue, "Goddess Manxue, you are so happy to be Commander Bai's fiance!"

If in the past, Fang Manxue would definitely enjoy the admiration of his classmates and the envy of others.

just now

Her face was a little ugly and pale, and her hands were tightly clenched into fists.

Because she knew that Bai Qinghao was definitely not here to see her.

If he waits a moment for him to go directly into the bedroom of Fang Xinxin next door, then her identity as the fiance of the fake Commander White will be exposed!

She can't afford this face!

Didnt Fang Xinxin never allow Bai Qinghao to announce that he is Bai Qinghaos fiance?

Now go to the bedroom in 2011, you should be able to get through.

Thinking about this, Fang Manxue, who was squeezed in a corner of the balcony by a large group of girls, immediately said, "Get out, get out!"

"Goddess Manxue, please sign a name..." A girl handed her pen and paper.

"I'm not in the mood right now." Fang Manxue squeezed towards the door of 2021's bedroom, "Thank you for giving in!"

The goddess took the initiative to speak, and a large group of girls who worshiped her stood aside.

Fang Manxue finally ran into the bedroom of 2011 before Bai Qinghao came over.

Lou Yuna glanced at the large number of girls in the 202nd dormitory, "You are also true. At this time, ask Man Xue what autographs do you want? Commander Bai came to see her, she was too busy."

The girls all had embarrassed expressions on their faces, "Didn't you miss the appearance of Commander Bai, the whole school was a sensation, I'm afraid that after this wave, Goddess Manxue's signature will be more difficult to get."