Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 291

Chapter 291: Xin Is A Junior?

Sun Jiamu watched this scene in shock. Could it be that Xinxin really has any ulterior ties to Bai Qinghao?

Obviously it is.

However, she absolutely does not believe that her friend is such a person.

Fang Manxue didn't expect that Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin would hug each other when they met, and his eyes were almost red with jealousy.

Looking at Sun Jiamu's surprised expression, she obviously didn't know that Fang Xinxin was Bai Qinghao's fiance.

If you waited for this matter to help you out, I quickly thought that I had to find a chance to seal Sun Jiamu's mouth. As long as she didn't talk outside and other students didn't know, no one would know that Fang Xinxin was the master.

Thinking about this, when I turned around, I realized that the girl who was originally in the 202 bedroom next door was all blocked at the door of 201, and looked at the scene of Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin embracing in surprise.

I really underestimate the gossip of these girls.

The **** thing is that the guards who stand guard, except for not letting in the girls at the door, don't stop them from watching the fun!

What she didn't know was that the guards didn't bombard people, but the commander gave the order in advance.

Lou Yuna saw her friend Man Xue flushed with anger, thinking no matter what, Man Xue was the fiance of Commander Bai. Even if Commander Bai was infatuated by Fang Xinxins ugly third party, he didnt release it. The marriage contract, the person in my heart must still be Man Xue.

So, in order to curry favor with Fang Manxue, she said angrily, "Fang Xinxin, how can you seduce the future brother-in-law!"

"Yes, Fang Xinxin, you want to point your face..." The other girls also wanted to help, Bai Qinghao shot over with sharp eyes like an arrow, so lethal, she was so shocked that people didn't dare to do it again. Open up.

Fang Manxue was mad. At this time, Lou Yuna, an idiot, actually said such things, thinking that she could flatter her?

It's simply to tear down her stage!

Bai Qinghao's thick, black eyebrows were raised, and the deep, ice-like pupils were swept by the storm that was ready to go, and there was a sound between his teeth, "Fang Xinxin seduce the future brother-in-law?"

Sen's cold, almost freezing male voice, with chilling pressure.

Inexplicably, no female student dared to answer.

Even Lou Yuna and the others, who wanted to help Fang Manxue get ahead, trembled involuntarily from head to toe.

There was dead silence in the dormitory, so quiet that you could almost hear the sound of people's breathing.

Fang Manxue's face was as pale as paper, her heart touched her throat, she was afraid that the commander would call back with a word...

At this time, outside the balcony of the bedroom in 2011, a toy airplane hovered in mid-air with a camera hung on the airplane. It was filming what was happening in the bedroom through the open window and simultaneously uploaded it to the school forum.

All the students who couldn't see the scene were using their mobile phones to see how Fang Xinxin was a junior.

[Commander Bai is really handsome, so it's no wonder Fang Xinxin fights for her face and wants to grab her future brother-in-law...]

[Xiao San is still in front of her second sister, who is the master, really shameless, it is really ugly!

[You guys stop, dont you see Commander White, who has never been close to women, holding Fang Xinxin? Miscellaneous is in favor. Offended her, you take the jujube pills one by one (sooner or later)...]

The Beijing University campus forum was full of enthusiasm. There were thousands of pages of scrolling messages on the site. Most of them were anonymous, and there was everything.

There are even those who sing praises to the junior in order to curry favor with Commander White, and such messages are sprayed into a sieve.