Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Rectify Her 2

"Fang Xinxin, what did you just want to say?" Bai Qinghao asked in a cold voice.

For other things, you can let her play tricks.

This thing is definitely not possible.

Fang Manxue knew that Fang Xinxin must be asking Bai Qinghao to make things clear, how could she give her such a chance?

According to Commander Bai's attitude, perhaps, she would really meet her request.

I hurriedly interrupted, "Xinxin, look at you, what are you doing standing stupidly. Bai..." The commander cannot be said at the moment, or I will let all the schoolmates know that her name to Bai Qinghao is so strange that it will inevitably be suspected. what.

"He has been here for so long, so you can pour him a glass of water."

Fang Xinxin didn't hear it, and sat back on the bed without saying a word.

Her self-esteem is very strong.

It's okay to let her coax him privately, and beg him to admit that she is his fiancee in front of the whole school?


Can't get that face down.

He Bai Qinghao already knows what the teachers and students of the school think of her now.

Since he has the heart to let her continue to suffer misunderstandings, then... just do it.

Bai Qinghao raised his eyebrows, looking at Fang Xinxin's silent attitude, very depressed.

She still has Bai Chenxi in her heart, so at this time, she still wants to hide?

Bai Chenxi's kind of goods is not worthy of carrying shoes to him, how do her eyes grow?

Only Fang Manxue was so anxious that she was afraid that when Commander Bai said a word, she would be over.

Bai Qinghao's eyebrows were stained with chilling anger, his face was calm, the tall and stalwart figure strode out of the 2011 bedroom, and ten guards with guns lined up in two rows to keep up.

Fang Manxue saw that Bai Qinghao had just left, and couldn't believe her luck.

He knew he was impersonating his fiance, but he didn't expose it, could it be...

He is tired of this fat idiot Fang Xinxin, does he really like himself?

Suddenly I felt that I was getting closer and closer to the position of Commander White's real wife.

Fang Xinxin didn't expect that Bai Qinghao didn't say anything, so he just left!

I was very angry, annoyed...and disappointed.

He actually let her be misunderstood by the whole school.


At the beginning, he wanted to rectify her name, but she refused, but now she asked for her own situation, isn't it?

Go ahead and incite the two slaps in your life?

Bai Qinghao got out of the D1 dormitory building, but saw Fang Xinxin not catching up. A stern face of bird of prey almost became cold. "Notice the principal to convene a meeting with all the teachers and students of the school and inspect the Beijing University. The major news media are present!"

"Yes." One of the guards made arrangements.


In the 202nd bedroom, Fang Manxue was once again admired and cheered by the girls who came in the wind, "Goddess Manxue, your fiance is so cool and handsome!"

"Unfortunately, he didn't talk to you much..."

Fang Manxue smiled triumphantly, "Qing Hao is very busy. I am extremely satisfied to come to see me at school."

After this time, Bai Qinghao came but didn't expose her lies, and after that, he became more justified.

No one would doubt that she was a fake again.

"Sister, you can see clearly, what kind of attitude Qing Hao has towards me." Fang Manxue gave Fang Xinxin a proud look. "I advise you to get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will only It will be even more embarrassing!"

Sun Jiamu said angrily, "Fang Manxue, you have enough!"

Man Xueyangs arrogant arrogance came from her nose, "I know you have a good relationship with Fang Xinxin, and you help a young man who is scolded by the world... Sun Jiamu, I dont expect you to have a clear understanding. Right and wrong!"