Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 295

Chapter 295:

Of course, no matter how high Fang Manxue stands, it will be harder to fall.

Dont make things so big, without this "live broadcast", Fang Xinxin has been scolded by people overly and secretly for so long, even if Bai Qinghao said that she was his fiance in front of her classmates It passed with a light "Oh".

If the scope of influence is too narrow, some people may even not know that Fang Xinxin is the master.

Now...soon no one will know, no one will know.

Fang Xinxin stood up, patted the dust that was not on her hips, and ran towards the playground, shouting in her heart:

Commander Bai, wait for me!

What I didn't finish in the dormitory just now, it's time for Hong Kong to say it!

"Manxue, the aerial photography outside is really good." Lou Yuna said to Manxue, "Now, the teachers and students of the whole school can clearly see Fang Xinxin's nasty little three-faced face."

Fang Manxue also felt very happy, and was exaggerated by the posts on the forum, "Yes, I don't know which kind of senior or younger brother and younger sister conducted the live broadcast. This helped me, Commander White. Original. Thank you very much!"

"One brother hates Fang Xinxin so much, it's probably because one brother made it..." Lou Yuna guessed.

"Perhaps." When Fang Manxue saw Fang Xinxin suddenly ran out of the dormitory, fearing that something might happen to her, her expression changed, and she hurried out.

At this time, the voice of Ma Yongting, director of the Political and Education Office resounded on the school broadcast:

"Our school is honored to welcome important leaders to visit the school. Please come to the playground to gather for a meeting immediately!"

The school broadcast continued to ring, and after hearing the broadcast, all teachers and students hurried to the playground to gather.

Because everyone knows that this important leader is the national male **** Bai Qinghao.

Many people regret that they did not see the real Commander Bai with their own eyes. This time there is a chance!

The entire school assembly in the past has never been so fast as today. All the students ran to the playground with all their energy...

Fang Xinxin ran down the dormitory building and saw that Bai Qinghao was not walking in the direction where the helicopter was stopped, knowing that he was the important leader mentioned by Director Ma.

It is estimated that no one is going to watch the live broadcast on the phone.

Anyway, Bai Qinghao didn't leave, so when the rally was over, she would live broadcast the drama begging him to justify her.


There was a guess in her heart that made her lips curl up slightly.

Fang Manxue frowned her well-groomed eyebrows as she listened to the radio, feeling very nervous.

Bringing together all the teachers and students...

A bad premonition grew in her heart, and she was about to leave school.

Before taking two steps, one of the guards blocked her way and made a gesture of please with a blank expression, "Miss Fang Manxue, please in the playground!"

Fang Manxue boldly refused, "I have something to do, not going."

He turned around and ran back, but he ran into another guard again, "Are you walking by yourself or holding you?"

Isn't it like a prisoner to be taken away? She can't afford that face.

"I'll go by myself!" Fang Manxue had no choice but to be stared at by two guards and walked towards the playground.

As she walked away, the anxiety in her heart expanded.

She took out her mobile phone and quickly sent a text message to Fang Lilan: Mom, you quickly called Fang Xinxin and told her that you had an accident and asked her to take Bai Qinghao to the hospital to see you.

Only by separating these two can we prevent the possibility of things going in a bad direction next.

In just fifteen minutes, the entire playground was full of under-represented students, and all the students lined up in an orderly manner by grade and class.