Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Love In Beijing 2

Then, the school's Yangtze River wave and the key professors of the school came to the stage and gave speeches, all expressing their warm welcome to the important leaders.

This kind of boring official scene speech makes people doze off most.

Many students stood in the line and took out their mobile phones to visit the school forum again.

[I really don't want to listen to the school leaders beep, beep, beep...If I didn't rush to see Commander Bai, the old lady would say that she was sick and would not come to gather!

[Why doesn't Fang Manxue even let out a stuffy fart while standing in the middle of the stage? Director Ma didn't mean to give her a speech on the microphone. For the first time, she felt that Goddess Man Xue did not have the style of being a host on school programs in the past, and stood just like a silly B.

[Goddess Manxue is very popular this time. It's good to be Bai Qinghao's fiance. I think this rally is just for her, and she will shine soon!

The posts on the school forum kept rolling, and there was a strong atmosphere of expectation in the excitement. The most speeches were envious of Fang Manxue.

At this time, Fang Xinxin was standing in the sophomore and first class team, watching Lilan call from above the phone.

Other people's calls can come in normally, and Lilan's call from her other party has set the shut down operation separately, and the other party will only hear the voice prompt the phone you dialed is off.

Despite this, Fang Lilan still played N times without giving up.

[Hello, is it Ms. Fang Lilan's daughter? I am here at XXX Hospital. Ms. Fang had a car accident and she has fallen into a coma. She is in urgent need of an operation to sign. Can you rush over right away? Can you bring more family members over here?

A text message edited with Fang Lilan's mobile phone was sent to Fang Xinxin's mobile phone.

Fang Xinxin looked at it, but looked indifferent.

Just now, she observed that Fang Manxue had sent a message before taking the stage, presumably asking Fang Lilan for help.

As smart as the second sister, seeing this scene, you can definitely guess something.

Changing to Fang Xinxin from a previous life would definitely be stupid enough to do what Fang Lilan meant.

Now, for so long without exposing Fang Manxue's counterfeit goods, how can he leave at a critical juncture?


Fang Manxue's cell phone didn't ring at all, and she didn't see her looking at the phone, that is to say, she did not receive news of her mother's car accident.

If I remember correctly, Fang Manxues daughter is noted on Fang Lilans phone, and hers is Xinxin.

If outsiders see the note, they will call the note's daughter's number first, right?

There are also flawed text messages.

"Can you bring the family with you Du?" Duo made it clear that she wanted her to take Bai Qinghao to the hospital.

If it is a text message sent by a doctor or nurse in a hospital, how can you care about your family members? Many people are afraid of crowding the hospital corridor.

In order to help the second sister, the mother really even made the trick of fake car accident.

Fang Manxue stood in the middle of the stage, seeing Fang Xinxin not leaving the scene, her heart was anxious. Didn't this idiot look at the phone? Did she ignore her mother's life and death? Or did my mother not text her on the phone?

After a touching official speech, Director Ma Yongting finally used the microphone to shout out what all the teachers and students wanted to hear, "The forum in the school is very hot today. I don't need to sell it. I believe everyone already knows that our school leaders have unanimously thanked you. Who is this person. He was the one who made a sensation in the whole school and even the entire imperial capital as soon as he appeared... the national male **** Bai Qinghao! Ask Commander Bai to come to power!"