Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 299

Chapter 299: The Donor Is Xinxin

Bai Qinghao's expression was condensed, his eyes deep and unpredictable.

She couldn't guess his specific intentions...

For the sake of a lively atmosphere, Ma Yongting also wanted her to be more of a limelight, and said with a smile, "Fang Manxue, you are the Propaganda Minister of the Student Union, and a talented woman of Beijing University. Isn't that something you can talk about? Not giving a few speeches would be embarrassing to Commander White. Up."

"Fang Manxue, you just froze on stage, Commander Bai is so good, you can't even let out a stuffy fart, do you deserve Commander Bai?"

I don't know who was shouting in the audience, and the voices one after another quickly became noisy.

Man Xue bit her lower lip and couldn't make up her mind.

But thinking about it again, what if Commander Bai did not intend to expose her from start to finish?

After all, when he was in the bedroom in 2011, he knew that his meeting with Fang Xinxin was broadcast live on campus, but he didn't justify the ugly.

Just take a gamble.

Just bet that Bai Qinghao is tired of Fang Xinxin, this ugly and fat ugly girl!

So, with a decent and generous smile on her face, she took the microphone that Ma Yongting handed over, like a host, her voice was affectionate and said, "Dear alumni of Beijing University, we can do Commander Bais fiance is the blessing of my previous life. Maybe not only practiced for a lifetime, but asceticism for ten or a hundred lives, in exchange for the love of his life. That is why, todays theme is the love of love. Big."

As soon as her voice fell, she sighed, "Wow...Goddess Manxue is so romantic! She is so infatuated with the commander!"

"It turns out that this is the theme of today's rally. That **** Fang Xinxin is still thinking about hooking up her future brother-in-law. There is no chance for the disgusting three!"

Countless scornful eyes looked towards Fang Xinxin's direction. She was arranged by the teacher to stand in the first row, which was particularly conspicuous.

If I change to a normal girl, I'm afraid I will feel ashamed.

By the way, Fang Xinxin's complexion was calm, standing like an okay person.

Because she believed that Bai Qinghao, whom she loved, would not let her be bullied on such occasions.

"Fang Manxue's affectionate confession to Commander Bai, even I was touched." On the stage, Ma Yongting took another microphone and just asked Manxue to sing praises.

Bai Qinghao's cold and cold voice was heard again from the three microphones in the vertical row in front of him, "I came to the school to inspect the Beijing University, purely sympathetic to the students' study and accommodation environment. There are 30 dormitory buildings. It has been in disrepair for a long time, and the sanitary accommodation environment is worrying. In the name of my fiancee, I will donate 100 million yuan to repair or rebuild those 30 dormitory buildings."

With such a high amount of donation, warm applause once again sounded among tens of thousands of teachers and students.

Two guards, one on the left and the right, carried a large rectangular red sign about one meter wide and three meters long to the front of the stage.

I saw that the red square card was marked with oversized yellow text: Fang Xinxin donated 100 million yuan to Jinghua University!

The teachers and students in the audience were shocked when they saw the name on the donation.

The students in the back row were too far away to read the donation text and watched the live broadcast on the stage on their mobile phones.

A look of astonishment floated on everyone's face.

Then came suspicious, unbelievable.

what's the situation? Is the name of the donor wrong?

[A donation of 100 million yuan, such a large amount, it is impossible to write wrong. Commander Bai said that the donation was made in the name of his fiance. Could it be that the commander's fiance was Fang Xinxin?