Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 300

Chapter 300: The Engagement Banquet Of The Year

impossible! How could the commander's fiancee be Fang Xinxin? Strongly request the commander to deny immediately!

There was a lot of noise on the scene, and the posts and messages on the live forum on the campus also exploded in an instant.

"Fang Manxue, you are the God of Wealth of our Beijing University, and the lucky star of our Beijing University..." Ma Yongting was not aware of the situation, and shouted in excitement with the microphone, originally to set off the atmosphere of the young students.

Unexpectedly, countless spectators in the audience kept cheering him, and others winked at him.

He turned around and looked suspiciously, only to find that the donor's name was not Fang Manxue at all, but was impressively marked-Fang Xinxin!

Get closer and look again, "Did I...recognize the wrong words? These three words read "Fang Xinxin", not Fang Manxue?"

His humor caused laughter in the audience.

Ma Yongting turned red with a pretty attractive middle-aged face. This face can be ashamed!

Fang Manxue was about to move Commander Bai to donate 100 million for herself, only to notice the name on the donation card, and her face turned ugly.

Bai Qinghaos voice sounded in the three erected microphones again, "Dear teachers and students, Beijing University is an academy and a place to study. I, Bai Qinghao, is a soldier, and I will never praise me on such occasions. Fang Manxues so-called ten generations, hundred generations, is sheer nonsense. And the fiancee who was engaged to me since childhood was never Fang Manxue. This woman blatantly pretended to be my fiancee and slandered my true fiancee. The junior, the degree of cheeky and shameless, refreshed my three views. My fiancee has only one person from start to finish, and that is Fang Xinxin in the second and third classes!"

"Wow!" The tens of thousands of teachers and students in the audience were boiling at the same time.

This time, everyone was not only stunned, but their eyes were round in shock, and their jaws were almost falling!

[God, my god, Fang Manxue turned out to be a fake! Fang Xinxin is the master!

how can that be? Where did Fang Manxue go with Commander Bai? Fang Xinxin is so ugly and fat, it would be a thousand miles away to match Commander Bai, OK?

[Could it be that Commander Bai was bewildered by Xiao San and deliberately helped Xiao San hit his original match?

[Bah baah baah, Commander Bai is the **** of war in the army. He keeps his promises, and what he says will never be false. How can he do something to attack his original partner?

The posts on the campus forum went viral and swept thousands of pages.

The scene whispered constantly, and the boiling was more lively than boiling water.

Who is Bai Qinghao? I expected that everyone would react like this and spoke into the microphone, "I know that some people will have doubts and think I will help a third party? I am definitely not such a bastard. As everyone knows. , My marriage was ordered by my late grandma when she was alive. There is a video file that has been stored for more than ten years. Everyone, please watch the big screen..."

He gestured to the projection screen behind him, and a video with an old picture began to play on the screen.

It was the engagement banquet at the most upscale Imperial Hotel in the Imperial Capital. Guests gathered, dignitaries, high-ranking officials, and shopping mall predators gathered. Many of the characters that can only be seen on TV usually appeared in the video.

The video camera is a close-up of the conspicuous text on the sign at the entrance of the engagement banquet: Congratulations to Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin on their engagement.