Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 301

Chapter 301: The Goddess Fell

"Congratulations, President Long, I didn't expect that the daughter of Fang Xinxin would be engaged to the only son of the Bai family, Bai Qinghao. What a blessing." A guest handed over to Fang's father Long Yifan.

Fang's father Long was full of spirits, and his eyebrows were cheerful, "This is the fate of the two children. I really want to drink this glass of wedding wine right away, but it is a pity that the two children are still young and have to wait at least ten years to go. ."

Qin Hefang, the old grandmother of the Bai family, wore an unconcealed smile on her wrinkled face, and she kept giving back to the guests, "Xin Xin is a good boy. It is also a blessing for my grandson Qinghao to book Xin Xin in advance."

The video only lasts for two minutes, and it is turned off after playing.

The scene was quiet, and no one doubted that Commander Bai was helping Xiaosan speak.

No one suspects fake videos like this, because the many high-ranking officials, dignitaries, and business leaders at the engagement banquet are all well-known and profitable, and it is impossible to unite to deceive people.

"The guests back then can confirm that my fiance is indeed Fang Xinxin." Bai Qinghao looked solemn, and his cold voice seemed to have a touch of sadness, "This video, with my grandma's death, seems full. Precious. And my fiancee, Xinxin, is a kind and good girl. She never goes by my name or greets me for profit. She has always supported me in silence behind her back.

It was she who told me that in Beijing University, although she was lucky enough to live in a new dormitory with comfortable environment and facilities. But many, many students still live in dilapidated dormitory buildings, the environment is so bad that rats are infested, public toilets...the sanitary conditions are worrying. She hopes that in the future, if she is able, she can help these students live in a new dormitory so that they can learn better. I was deeply moved by her thoughts, and I felt warm because of her thoughts. That's why today's theme is created-Love and Warmth. Fang Xinxin is still a student now, and I am willing to send her this warmth to everyone in advance. This is the reason why I donated money in her name.

Such a kind girl was maliciously incited to attack by public opinion and misunderstood as a junior. As her fiance, I have the responsibility and obligation to rectify her name at the meeting today. I hope everyone will never be used or instigated by others to misunderstand her. "

The scene of tens of thousands of teachers and students was quiet. No one on the forum attacked Fang Xinxin as a junior, and no one questioned that Commander Bai was the original partner of the junior gang.

Everyone was moved by Fang Xinxin. It turned out that she still has such a noble and worried alumni sentiment.

Suddenly, all the eyes cast on Fang Xinxin changed from the previous contempt, hatred, and spurn to sympathy, apology, admiration, envy...

[Fang Manxue, the first shameless **** and son in the century, licked a B-face pretending to be the fiance of Commander White, causing labor and management to misunderstand that Fang Xinxin is a junior, and Fang Xinxin's **** curse is a sin!

[My heart has been hurt by 10,000 points. Goddess Manxue turned out to be a damn-worthy watch, not even a chicken. She still wanted to post Commander Bai and get out of Beijing University!

[Dare to play with the teachers and students of the school as monkeys, Fang Manxue, this beast, see if labor and capital will not kill her!

The messages on the school forum were quickly burned through thousands of pages with angry emotional text.

How high everyone praised Fang Manxue at the beginning, but now how miserable she is.

It's not just the curse on the forum posts.

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