Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 303

Chapter 303:

"God, my god!" Sun Jiamu who was standing next to her was so excited, she grabbed her arm and shouted in disbelief, "Xinxin, you are actually Commander Bai's real fiance. It is too hard for me to believe and too much for me. I'm happy! Hey, people call you a junior. My good friend has also been under a lot of pressure. Fortunately, I am proud!"

Fang Xinxin also squeezed her hand, "I made you wronged, thank you for always believing in me."

"Good friend, I don't care what others think of you, it's okay for me to stab you." Sun Jiamu didn't say this because she was Commander Bai's fiance, but sincerely treated her as his only best friend.

Fang Xinxin accepts Jiamu as a friend because he thinks he is a person to make friends with in the memory of previous lives.

Bai Qinghao said a few more scenes on the stage, then walked off the stage, with ten guards with guns, and walked in the direction of the helicopter parked in the playground with aura.

A part of the students screamed and ran along with him, screaming frantically, "Male god, male god!"

Go straight into the cabin of the helicopter.

The eight guards formed a group of two in an orderly manner, with their backs facing the helicopter for a certain distance, and divided into four majestic stands, preventing the flow of students who continued to worship and approached.

The other two guards found Fang Xinxin and gave her a please gesture, "Miss Fang Xinxin, the commander would like to please."

Fang Xinxin immediately followed the two to the helicopter, and under the envy of tens of thousands of teachers and students, entered the helicopter cabin.

Inside the cabin are four luxurious black seats and two in the front cockpit.

A driver and a guard with a gun were seated.

Bai Qinghao sat blankly in the back row of cabins, Fang Xinxin entered the cabin and sat in the remaining seat in the back row, immediately feeling the coldness radiating from him.

The temperature of the entire cabin seemed to freeze several degrees because of his presence.

The propeller turns and the helicopter takes off.

She saw the crowd of students on the playground from the window on the side of the cabin, and she watched the plane leaving.

The remaining guards on the ground got into several military vehicles and drove away from the school.

Looking over to the stage, he found that a student threw a bottle of mineral water at Fang Manxue. Fang Manxue dodged vigilantly, but unfortunately was hit by an ice cream cone in the face, followed by various snacks, saliva... Fly towards her without money.

So many teachers and students were all fooled, Fang Xinxin did not hesitate to believe that if they had rotten eggs and vegetable leaves in their hands, they would all throw them at Fang Manxue.

Fang Manxue was embarrassed and no one was relieved. Suddenly countless people rushed to the stage and furiously punched and kicked Fang Manxue.

Away from far away, she could hear her screaming, "Ahhh! Help, help!"

"Don't fight, spare me, spare me, I dare not!"

"Don't scratch my hair, don't kick me!"


The video of Fang Manxue being tragically touted as a pig head was shot by Sun Jiamu and sent to Fang Xinxin's mobile phone.

Jia Mu's postscript: [Although there are people in the school to maintain order, those people seem to have not seen Fang Manxue being beaten by fat. Even the reporter turned off the camera and said that they had not seen anyone hitting someone. Fang Manxue is a bitch, who is beaten and instigated, so don't be too happy!

[Xinxin, I sympathize with you for being wronged by the mistress for no reason, and apologize to you, and you have so many posts that you are almost out of the universe. Sure enough, good people are rewarded!