Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 305

Chapter 305:

She thoughtfully poured him a cup of tea and handed it to him.

Bai Qinghao's bottomless eyes were cast scorchingly on her face.

On her current face, a large area of acne scab has formed and has not fallen off.

It's like the whole **** wound is about to heal, and the dark, hard, **** skin that has formed is not to mention disgusting.

It's so ugly that she doesn't want to look in the mirror by herself now.

However, once the acne scabs come off naturally, her appearance will return to its original beauty.

He was too unpredictable, she couldn't read the emotions in his eyes, but she felt that he did not dislike her ugly face.

This discovery made her feel happy.

Seeing that he hadn't taken the water glass, she picked up the glass, made a "mun" on the edge of the glass, gave him a strong kiss, and then handed it to him.

Bai Qinghao watched her behavior suspiciously, "What are you doing?"

"What a big smell of sweat on your body..." She replied inexplicably, twisting a short and shaggy hair that fell on his clothes with her fingers, "This is the beard that has just been shaved, you haven't even washed... "

Bai Qinghao's face grew darker as he listened, his eyes darkened instantly. Hurrying back to see her, he traveled day and night from the deep mountains and old forests on the border to the border base. Before he could take a bath, he hurriedly boarded a helicopter.

The clothes before was too dirty, changed clothes in the cabin, shaved his beard, and went straight to her school.

Unexpectedly, she disliked it.

The driver in the front cabin cockpit was wearing headphones and did not hear what was happening in the back row.

Liu Li, the guard in the passenger seat, heard it really.

Mindful: Fang Xinxin, the fat lady, is really covered by lard. I can't realize the commander's painstaking efforts at all, and see if the commander doesn't clean her!

Fang Xinxin saw that the top of Bai Qinghao's head was almost smoked, and her naughty words turned around, "You are so eager to think about me, I will reward you with a kiss."

A word succeeded in making the violent storm that had just gathered in Bai Qinghao's eyes abruptly subsided. His cold eyes were slightly hot, and his lips opened dumbly, "This kiss shouldn't be on the cup."

"Where is that..."

Before she finished speaking, he arrogantly took her into his arms, bowed his head and kissed her soft red lips.

When he touched her lips, he knew how much he wanted her!

I really want her to think crazy!

"Um..." She was still holding the cup in one hand.

In spite of this, he pushed his tongue to open her teeth, madly absorbing the sweetness of her lips...

Unable to break away from his restraints, she had to obediently let him take it strongly.

Liu Li, the guard in the front row, watched in shock the commander's punishment to Fang Xinxin.

I feel unbalanced.

If the people below them angered the commander, they would either do a thousand push-ups or run hundreds of laps with weights... they would be exhausted to death.

Fang Xinxin was relaxed and was kissed by the commander.

Of course, he is not jealous of Fatty Fang as a weapon for women.

Just very angry, their wise commander should be accompanied by a beautiful woman with a small waist and an explosive body. How could it not be Fang Xinxin's ugly.

Liu Li's brow furrowed, and he felt deeply that he, the guard, had broken his heart for his boss.

The helicopter was parked in the courtyard of the Royal Court, and dozens of servants stood neatly in two rows, waiting outside the cabin.

The head housekeeper Zhao Cheng saw that the helicopter door was not opening, and curiously looked closer, the master was actually kissing a woman?

The woman turned her back in his direction and could not see her face, but from the perspective of her figure, she was very strange.