Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 307

Chapter 307:

Fang Xinxin felt so excited to be put down so anxiously by him, indicating that she was very attractive to him.

He sucked and kissed her red lips hungrily, and his big palm moved up her body, feeling that the skin under his finger was not as fat-proof as before, and his thick black eyebrows suddenly wrinkled, and he said distressedly, "You are too thin. Too much!"

Thinking of reducing her current weight from 187 catties, she was a little proud, "I only have 120 catties now."

"Your weight is normal, don't continue to lose weight." He ordered it aggressively.

"No." She shook her head and refused, "I decided to reduce it to less than a hundred catties and have the devil figure that models on TV have."

"No!" His eyebrows were almost knotted, "You are thin enough now!"

"This weight is just right for my height of 1.68 meters." She insisted, "I like to be thinner."

His teeth almost clenched, "I said no!"

Seeing his stern face floating up with displeasure, she didn't follow him, she just continued to lose weight, "Bai Qinghao, I'm very happy, you can see my normal weight when you come back."


The scabs on her face have not yet gone, and it will take a while for her to restore her original beauty.

Otherwise, hook him to death!

"If your weight is fat or thin, it makes no difference to me."

His words made her brows appear a little disappointed, "I thought I worked so hard to lose weight, you would be happy..."

At the same time, there is a little separation.

After all, a man who is so cool and handsome like him does not care whether she is fat as a pig or thin as a stick.

She should be relieved, right?

"Obesity will affect your health." Bai Qinghao finally escaped in his cold voice, "Congratulations on your successful weight loss."

She happily gave him a kiss on his stern cheek, kissing him very loudly, "MUn!"

Bai Qinghao was slightly startled, and wanted to kiss her brutally!

Remembering what she said in the helicopter cabin that he smelled a lot of sweat on his body, he did not take a shower for many days.

Squeezing the urge to force her immediately, he got up and strode into the bathroom connected to the master bedroom.

Fang Xinxin heard the sound of water splashing from the shower head in the bathroom. You don't need to guess that the male **** is bathing in it.

I really want to take a peek.

I remember the first time I lost my body to Bai Qinghao in the hospital, his slender legs, and his body was so strong that he did not have a trace of cellulite, and his body was even better than Gu Xiou's model...

Just thinking about it made her drool.

However, he is too good in that aspect.

After she lost her body for the first time, she felt pain for several days.

I was lingering with him in the previous life, and was forced by him every time. The hatred that was once forced by him has long since melted away.

Now, she actually recalled the feeling of entanglement with his body.

Unfortunately, after being reborn, she only did it with him once in the hospital.

Fortunately, now the opportunity has come again. He went to take a bath and made it clear that he was going to eat her.

She was trembling with excitement thinking about it!

In just two or three minutes, Bai Qinghao walked out of the bathroom naked and wrapped in a large bath towel. Before she could appreciate his muscular body, she was pressed and kissed frantically by him.

It looks like he is hungry!

She was agitated physically and mentally, and Xiaoshou just wanted to take the initiative to climb onto his arm, but suddenly turned into a push, "Bai Qinghao, don't..."

Bai Qinghao ignored her resistance at all, and quickly unzipped her clothes with big hands.