Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 313

Chapter 313: For Her Five Star Cooking

"Is a diligent and capable person."

"That's good."

Fang Shaohua saw a tired look between her eyebrows, and said concerned, "You go to the room to rest for a while and I can cook. After the food is ready, I will call you."

Although he has no blood relationship with him, Fang Xinxin has always regarded him as a real brother, and is not polite with him, "Yeah."

She turned and went to the second bedroom.

When Fang Shaohua saw her entering the second bedroom, a crisp and gentle voice came from the kitchen, "The second bedroom and study are not open, and there are usually no guests. Go to the master bedroom for a night's sleep."

Fang Xinxin was tired for a day, and her aunt came again. She was unwell and didn't bother to make the bed.

However, the master bedroom is the elder brother's bedroom, she sleeps on his bed, okay?

Although I often sleep in the same room with my elder brother when I was young.

But at that time, he was still a big kid, so what kind of sex?

All grown up now.

After all, men and women are different.

But when I thought that my eldest brother had been in prison for three years, and now the only clue to steal her mobile phone, Wang Liangping had not been caught.

According to the feedback from the black owl organization, it is said that Wang Liangping had smuggled from Malaysia to Thailand again, and was still hunting him.

I don't know when the crime on my eldest brother will be cleared away, so I can't bear to refuse him.

I'm afraid he thinks she's out of sight.

So she opened her lips, "I don't want to sleep now, just go to the sofa and lean on it for a while."

With that said, he had reached the sofa and lay down on the chaise longue seat in the living room.

Fang Shaohua finished the meal, walked to the living room and saw Fang Xinxin fell asleep with exhaustion.

Looking at her tired look, there was still a shadow under her long eyelashes.

He knows that these days, she is not only busy with her studies, but also constantly pursuing her career.

There are so many **** against her in the school.

She must be exhausted.

I hate that he is still a criminal and can't show up.

Otherwise, whoever dares to bully her, he must make the other party unable to eat!

Moreover, she lost weight too quickly.

During this period, every time I saw her, she lost a lot of weight, and the speed of weight loss really made him feel distressed.

Hesitating to wake her up?

Let her stay asleep for a while. The food is cold, so I will warm it up in the microwave for a while.

Fang Shaohua turned back to the master bedroom, took out a blanket, and gently covered her.

Fang Xinxin opened her misty eyes and saw the man who was careful to cover herself with the quilt in front of him. She raised her hand sleepily and yawned, "Brother, are you ready?"

"I'm hungry." He felt sorry for her for having dinner so late, "Go eat first and then sleep."

"I was awake by my big brother's five-star craftsmanship." She curled the corners of her lips indifferently. It was obvious that there was a whole piece of scabs on her face, but Fang Shaohua felt that she had a unique and attractive charm. Silly girl, she started flattering before she started eating."

She hummed playfully, "No one in the world cooks food, but my elder brother makes delicious!"

He touched her head affectionately, and said casually, "As for you to be naughty, for the sake of being so good at talking, my eldest brother will cook you a lifetime meal."

She shook her head without thinking, "That won't work. Big brother will have to get married and beg a wife. If you help me cook for the rest of my life, my future sister-in-law will be jealous."

He actually tried her attitude without a trace.


She only considers him her brother.

A gurgling bitterness flowed through Fang Shaohua's gloomy heart like spring water, and the sour taste made his whole heart aches.