Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Never Thought Of That

He said indifferently, "There are no future sister-in-laws, I never think about them."

Because of his whole heart, it has been given to her since childhood. Why would you think of other women?

Fang Xinxin thought he was sad and still uncleaned of his crime, "Brother, don't worry, I promise you will succeed in overturning the case. At that time, most of the beauties will woo you."

Fang Shaohua felt deeper in his heart, but smiled gently and said, "Okay, go eat."

Fang Xinxin walked to the dining table.

There are three meals and one soup on the table, including braised lion's head, steamed sea bass, braised prawns, and a green vegetable egg drop soup.

The color is delicious, the smell is special, and they are all home-cooked dishes. They sat at the table, but they had a warm feeling.

Fang Shaohua scooped two bowls of rice and handed her one of them.

Fang Xinxin picked up a shrimp and some greens, and quickly picked up the rice bowl, "I am starving, brother, the food you cook is so delicious. The rice you cook has a special fragrance!"

"Eat more if it tastes delicious." He kept helping her pick vegetables.

"No way, no way." Fang Xinxin stopped his movements, "I want to lose weight. I only eat half a bowl of rice for a meal, not much meat dishes."

He frowned slightly, and looked at her seriously, "Xinxin, I remember you said that it's only one hundred and twenty catties."


"With your height of 1.68 meters, 120 kilograms, and your weight is normal, you don't need to lose any more."

"No." She shook her head, "Thinking that I have been so fat for so long, and finally lost so much weight, as long as I hold on, I will become a devil figure."

He straightened his waist and said, "Brother, look at me. Actually, my waist is very thin. When I am fat, no fat will be deposited on my stomach. If I lose weight, I will become a small waist!"

Fang Shaohua's sight fell on her chest, it was really quite round and predictable.

Moreover, she has slender shoulders, a big chest, a thin waist, and her legs are extraordinarily slender. The proportions of her figure are now very good-looking. If she were thinner, wouldn't she be a seductive devil figure as she said?

A throbbing male sentiment rose from the bottom of his heart.

He suddenly had an urge to get a nosebleed.

Fang Xinxin said unhappily, "Brother, where are your eyes looking?"

He thought she found herself peeking at her chest, and just about to explain, she said, "Don't look at my chin. The scabs on it are ugly."

Fortunately, she misunderstood. He didn't explain, "You are in good shape now. Obedient, don't lose weight anymore."

She pouted and refused, "I don't."

Fang Shaohua said helplessly, "Then don't starve yourself." He gave her a piece of sea bass, "Steamed sea bass will not cause overnutrition, and will not gain weight after eating it. It can also replenish blood, strengthen the spleen and nourish qi, and has high nutritional value. Eat more. Its okay to order some."

The eldest brother cooked dishes so hard, Fang Xinxin didn't push away, and stuffed the steamed fish in his mouth.

"Eat slowly and be careful." He warned worriedly.

She looked at his worried face and suddenly felt sad.

In her previous life, since her eldest brother went to jail, she had only visited him once when he was just jailed.

Later, I never saw him again.

Now that she can sit and eat with him again, it really makes her feel precious and emotional.

He looked at her sentimental expression and hurriedly put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands, "What's wrong? Why are you unhappy?"

She shook her head slightly, "Brother, we will often eat together in the future, okay?"