Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 316

Chapter 316: Don't Care If Your Mother Is In A Car Accident

More than a dozen off-road chariots drove majesticly through the bustling streets of the Imperial Capital and stopped in front of Fang's Villa.

The neighbors immediately ran over to watch.

Dozens of blank-faced guards with guns got on and off the chariot, neatly lined up in a row. The solemn and solemn atmosphere made the onlookers look far away, not daring to take a step forward.

"Wow...what a big battle like that!" a passerby exclaimed.

"I need to ask, of course it is the national **** of war, Bai Qinghao!" The neighbor who answered the question appreciated the idiotic look of the interrogator and looked in from the window of the first tank. "I didn't expect to have a good luck today. See the real Commander White!"

"Raise your finger and donate 100 million to Beijing University. The ratings of Qingnuan Beijing University are too high, and dozens of TV stations across the country keep repeating it. Fang Xinxin is so lucky that he can be the fiance of Commander Bai!"

"My family has a daughter, Nianfang twenty-two, how come there isn't such a rich, powerful and handsome son-in-law..." An uncle neighbor regretted.

Long Shuhai ran out of the courtyard of Fang's villa and bowed to Bai Qinghao in the back seat of the lead chariot. "Commander Bai, you are coming here, it's really brilliant!"

"Where is Fang Xinxin?" The cold voice didn't mean to greet him at all.

"Xinxin hasn't come back yet..." Long Shuhai asked suspiciously, "I saw on TV that she was on the helicopter with you, isn't she with you?"

Bai Qinghao pursed his lips and winked at Liu Li.

Liu Li immediately led several guards into the Fang's villa to search for people.

Just a few minutes later, he reported, "Commander, Fang Xinxin is indeed not in the Fangzhai."

Long Shuhai immediately answered, "Commander, Xinxin is really not at home. If she was there, I would have a hundred guts and dare not lie to you. Speaking of Fang Xinxin, she is really unfilial. My sister-in-law had a car accident. She was lying in the hospital and contacted Fang Xinxin urgently, but she couldn't answer the phone or text messages. Now people don't know where they went. A mother who had a car accident and didn't know who went to the hospital to see..."

The neighbors on the sidelines immediately whispered, "I didn't expect Fang Xinxin to be such a person, even if my mother had a car accident..."

"That's right." said a middle-aged lady in a fashionable dress. "You don't know that my daughter is good friends with Fang Manxue, the two thousand gold members of the Fang family. Hearing from Manxue, Fang Xinxin's character is not good..."

Bai Qinghao's face sank suddenly, and his sharp gaze shot at her.

The middle-aged lady originally wanted to continue to speak ill of Fang Xinxin, but when she received the warning from the commander, her back was frightened and she did not dare to continue speaking.

"Who is she?" Bai Qinghao was obviously the middle-aged lady who asked.

Just as Long Shuhai was about to answer, Zhao Cheng, the housekeeper, took a step forward, "Return to the commander, this person is the biological mother of Fang Manxue's good friend Lou Yuna, named Kong Meixian, and also a neighbor of the Fang family."

He was instructed to buy clothes repeatedly according to Fang Xinxin's weight and send them to Fang's house.

I met Lou Yuna and Kong Meixian who came to Fang's house several times as guests, so I knew her identity without investigation.

"Neighbor..." Bai Qinghao curled his lips inexplicably, and motioned to the housekeeper Zhao Chengyi.

Zhao Cheng immediately opened the car door knowingly.

As soon as Bai Qinghao walked out of the car, a tall and stalwart figure in a military uniform immediately looked like an automatic light-gathering body, focusing everyone's attention.

"Commander White is cooler and more handsome than on TV!" The onlookers kept admiring.