Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Getting Angry Will Still Help You 1

Kong Meixian was surprised that Commander Bais cold and tall figure walked towards her.

Guards such as Long Shuhai, butler Zhao Cheng, and Liu Li also followed.

"Are you acquainted with Commander Bai?" asked another acquaintance Guitai.

"..." Kong Meixian wanted to be unfamiliar, but didn't want to save her face, so she didn't say anything.

In fact, she let her daughter Lou Yuna and Fang Manxue make good friends, and also wanted her daughter to take the opportunity to get close to Commander Bai, but unfortunately, she never found any chance.

It turns out that Fang Manxue is a counterfeit, so he made a wrong calculation!

Next time, I have to let Yuna go to have friendship with Fang Xinxin's ugly guy, and she won't allow her daughter to have a chance to climb on the commander's dragon bed.

Bai Qinghao's pace stopped five steps away from the onlookers, and his eagle-like sharp gaze approached Kong Meixian, "Say what you just said again!"

Kong Meixian didn't know what the commander meant, so she drummed in her heart, "Commander, my daughter Yuna and Man Xue are good friends..."

"The last sentence."

"Fang Xinxin's character is not good..." She pulled out such a sentence from her lips nervously, carefully peeking at his expression.

Bai Qinghao's face was expressionless, Senhan's stern face couldn't see the joy or anger, "Why not?"

The thin tone did not contain a hint of emotion, as if asking someone who didn't do anything.

"Fang Xinxin and her second uncle Long Shuhai said it herself." Kong Meixian said plausibly, "You don't know, Lilan...I mean Fang Xinxin's mother had a car accident, and my neighbor went to the hospital to visit However, Fang Xinxin, being Lilan's biological daughter, actually avoided answering the phone and no ghosts appeared..."

"No." Long Shuhai showed a disappointed look on the side, "Commander Bai, do you know? My sister-in-law Fang Lilan signed the emergency surgery in a car accident, or I rushed to sign it. I thought Xinxin was a good boy, but I didn't expect it. She is so unfilial."

Kong Meixian gritted her teeth and added, "Her conscience is simply eaten by a dog!"

As long as the commander hates Fang Xinxin, the ugly person stepped off the stage, and Fang Manxue became a despicable **** by thousands of people. Wouldn't her daughter Yuna have a chance?

When the two sang and drank, Fang Xinxin's character was inferior to that of a dog.

"I didn't expect Fang Xinxin to be this kind of person..." The neighbors onlookers answered. Although the faces of more people showed Xinxin's contempt, people with no purpose, but they were too smart to fart in front of Commander White. .

The guard Liu Li followed the commander, and suddenly hoped that the commander would break the marriage contract with Fang Xinxin.

In this way, Fang Xinxin's WeChat video won't affect him... but he can't bear it.

After all, Fang Xinxin is so ugly, and without a good fiance as a commander, there is no better one.

Bai Qinghao casually asked an irrelevant question, "Have you all watched the scene of the warm love?"

"I watched it on TV, Commander Bai, you are so bold. You donated 100 million to Beijing University. My son was studying at Beijing University and he happened to live in a broken dormitory building. I told me every day that the dormitory environment was poor and the walls fell down. This time dozens of old dormitories have been rebuilt or renovated. Blessed are the Beijing University students..."

A middle-aged uncle continued to beep and beep. Bai Qinghao interrupted him, "Everyone knows that I donated money for Fang Xinxin. How could a kind girl who worry about the living environment of alumni be buried? So conscientious that I dont even care about my mothers car accident? Besides..."