Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Angry Still For You 2

She glanced over Kong Meixian with contempt, "Does your daughter still hear Fang Manxue say Xinxin's character is not good? Fang Manxue is full of lies, even robbing her biological sister's fianc, blatant hypocrisy. Can you believe a word of her words? My daughter is making friends with a woman like Fang Manxue, and without evidence, behind her back, she said that my fiance has a character problem. The so-called so-called near Zhu is red, near Mo is black, and your daughters heart is already dark."

Kong Meixian originally wanted to help her daughter show her face in front of Commander Bai, but she didn't expect to rebel against the commander's disgust. Her face was pale and anxious to explain, "Commander, Fang Xinxin didn't go to the hospital to visit her mother Fang Lilan. It is a fact..."

"Everyone, I am on a military business trip. I came back and finally reunited with Xinxin." Bai Qinghao's voice was cold and unquestionable. "Everyone saw it on TV. Fang Xinxin got on my helicopter, and we were together. Arrived at the Royal Court. Fang Xinxin suddenly left from the Royal Court. Before her mobile phone was turned off. If Fang Lilan had contacted Xinxin in a car accident, she must have not seen the news. I left in a hurry. Otherwise, I really can't think of any reason why she can leave me and leave without saying hello."

Thinking about it this way, it's really possible.

Long Shuhai said immediately, "Commander, I just came from the hospital and went back to Fang's house to help my sister-in-law get some changes of clothes. I didn't see Xinxin..."

"She should be on the way." Bai Qinghao said so.

He is naturally cold and ruthless, and Xinxin is a bad person, even if the other party is her mother, he will not be more kind.

I hope Xinxin will not visit Fang Lilan. Besides, Fang Lilan's car accident is not necessarily true.

The blind man could see that Commander White made it clear to shelter his fiance.

Besides, what he said is so reasonable. The onlookers or neighbors said, "I believe in the character of the commanders fiance. Long Shuhai, dont you just live in Fangs house and pick so many things out."

"And you, Kong Meixian, do you want Commander Bai to hate Fang Xinxin? Who doesn't know that you are eager to watch your daughter fly to the branch and turn into a phoenix every day. Your and your daughter's hearts are darkened. Let's be a crow."

Kong Meixian froze a few times, but was scolded by passers-by and neighbors at the same time, making her face pale in embarrassment.

Seeing that no one criticized Fang Xinxin's character anymore, Bai Qinghao was not interested in staying too much, and turned back to the first chariot led by him.

Liu Li was sad, and Fang Xinxin didn't know what charm she had. Even if their great commander was angry with her, she still cleansed her.

Seeing that Bai Qinghao was about to leave, Long Shuhai immediately chased after him and shouted, "Commander, you are Fang Xinxin's fianc. Your future mother-in-law is lying in the hospital in a car accident. Would you like to visit?"

Nowadays, Fang's enterprise lacks the funding of the Bai family, and is still talking to the outside world, not to look at the face of the Bai family to cooperate with it.

Fang's enterprise is struggling.

If Commander Bai can visit Fang Lilan in the hospital, outsiders will definitely think that Fang's chairman Fang Lilan has a good relationship with Commander Bai.

Then there is no shortage of people who see the wind to make the rudder to cooperate with Fang's enterprise again.

The shout was so loud that all passers-by heard it.

Since Bai Qinghao cares about Fang Xinxin so much, in this case, his refusal is unkind.

In the current situation, he must be forced to go!