Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Dating With Foster Brother 1

"Emergency military affairs." Bai Qing left four concise and concise words cruelly, and more than a dozen chariots drove away mightily.

At the entrance of Fang's villa, everyone is constantly praising Commander Bai for giving priority to state affairs and giving up his family for everyone's great sentiment.

Long Shuhai's abacus flew into nothing, his expression was very ugly, but he was helpless.

In the back seat of one of the off-road tanks, Bai Qinghao turned on his laptop, and Kong Meixians husband Lou Zongyues company, Lous enterprise and personal information popped up on the screen.

This couple is a very vain person, and they certainly can't stand poverty.

He didn't bother to deal with a small company like Lou's.

Dare to tell him that his fiancee has a bad character.

That is purely seeking death.

Even if Fang Xinxin refused to share the bed with him and didn't know what it was, she was angry that he arbitrarily took the initiative to rectify her name, she was still his woman. No room for criticism from outsiders!

Bai Qinghaosen ruthlessly ordered, "Go down, give Lou's enterprise a trap, so that its company will be tightly funded and go bankrupt. Then tell Lou Zongyue that all this is caused by her good wife Kong Meixian. Coming."

Disdain to send someone to punch Meixian, a middle-aged woman, does not mean that her husband will not beat her.

As for Long Shuhai, "Long Shuhai has been in poor health recently, so let him lie down in the hospital for ten days and have a good rest."

Zhao Cheng, the housekeeper on the rear chariot, received instructions through wireless headphones and immediately followed suit.

Liu Li, who was riding with Bai Qinghao and sitting in the front row of a chariot, was really shy when he heard this.

These two guys just said a few bad things about Fang Xinxin, and they were unlucky, but he...

Liu Li weighed and said, "Commander, if I accidentally make any mistakes..."

"Punish according to army rules."

"If the mistake is personal." Liu Li turned his head, grinning and pulled out a friendly smile at the boss above him, "Commander, although I am just your guard, we are dead brothers on the battlefield. Of course, I dare not I call you a brother, but your feelings for me are still extraordinary..."

Bai Qinghao raised his gaze from the laptop screen, his anger and irritation were indifferent, "Say the point!"

Kubing's eyes trembled with horror and Liu Li was about to confess the video that Fang Xinxin had sent to the commander.

The voice of the butler Zhao Cheng came from the intercom in the car, "Commander, check the road monitoring according to your instructions. After leaving the Royal Court, Miss Fang San first went to the Jiaya Hospital to visit her father Long Yifan, and met her adopted brother. Fang Shaohua, the two of them are now in the unit suite on the 20th floor of Building A in Hongsheng Community. The house was bought by Miss Fang San on behalf of Fang Shaohua. It has three bedrooms and two halls, a compact apartment of 85 square meters. The floor plan and the topographical map of the entire community have been To your laptop."

Butlers are careful and responsible.

The commander is highly powerful and has a special status. He wants to go to an unfamiliar place. It is necessary to take some points in advance to prevent people from being disadvantaged.

Bai Qinghao's face was gloomy, as if it was stained with a thin layer of frost.

I thought Fang Xinxin was going to see Fang Lilan. She ran away from the Royal Court just to date her foster brother Fang Shaohua?

Dead woman, see how he cleans her up!

The driver and guard Liu Li in the chariot trembles from the cold with the terrifying anger emanating from the commander.

Since the commander was not interested in asking, Liu Li was too scared to stop confiding himself.

Fang Xinxin's video... can it be delayed for a while.

Bai Qinghao thought of the sensation caused by the chariot driving to Fang's villa just now, and didn't want to wait for the Hongsheng community to be watched again. Leng Sen ordered, "Change a commercial vehicle, and two guards can go together!"