Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Dating With Foster Brother 2


A few minutes later, Bai Qinghao led Liu Li and another guard into the Hongsheng Community. Although he had been in the future, he had read the topographic map beforehand and ran to the 20th floor of Building A.

During the ascent of the elevator, Liu Li caught a glimpse of the commander's almost blue face, thinking in his heart, Fang Xinxin is dead!

After getting out of the elevator, Bai Qinghao winked coldly.

Liu Li hesitated, did the commander's eyes let him break in or knock?

Can not Understand it.

If knocking on the door gives the dogs and the dogs in the house time to get dressed and escape...

I thought that this was the twentieth floor, and the other party couldn't escape anyway.

After a few seconds, I chose to reach out and ring the doorbell.

The doorbell rang, and a young man with a fair complexion who looked at his neighbor's affectionately opened the door from inside.

Liu Li recognized him, Fang Shaohua, Fang Xinxin's foster brother.

He looks like a dog, no wonder Fang Xinxin wants to date him with the commander behind his back!

Fang Shaohua glanced at the tall and stalwart Bai Qinghao at the door, but he didn't expect him to come.

Also, in the imperial capital, with his power and position, how could he hide his eyes and ears about his own medical treatment and living here.

Three years have passed, Bai Qinghao's face has not changed, and his domineering and ruthless aura is still so daunting.

Not afraid of him.

It's just that Bai Qinghao's excellence is annoying. This made his chances of snatching Xinxin back increasingly slim.

As for the two guards at the door, they didn't pay attention at all.

Bai Qinghao also looked at Fang Shaohua's handsome eyebrows. He had been to Fang's house several times and had many chances to meet him.

Fang Shaohua, a man who usually doesn't show mountains or dew, seems to treat Xinxin as his younger sister.

With his natural keen alertness, he had long seen that it was not that simple.

The eyes of the two met, like a strong collision of burning sparks, a dangerous atmosphere filled the air, and there was a squally storm at any time.

"Brother, who's here?" Fang Xinxin's voice came from the living room with a vigilant voice.

After she finished dinner, she went back to the sofa to watch TV.

He said he was watching TV, but he was actually waiting for information from Bai Qinghao.

She didn't know that he hadn't heard any news for a long time, her heart was never dissatisfied and became a little hairy.

"It's Bai Qinghao." Fang Shaohua's voice was so flat that there was no wave of waves.

"He's coming!" Fang Xinxin immediately jumped off the chaise longue of the sofa, ran towards the door, and rushed directly into Bai Qinghao's embrace.

Bai Qinghao had a terrible anger brewing in his heart, and he planned to directly detain Fang Shaohua and Fang Xinxin, and threatened her with Fang Shaohua.

Seeing her rushing towards herself so enthusiastically, her little face was full of excitement, her eyes glowed with excitement.

The monstrous anger in his heart melted into the invisible without knowing it. He leaned slightly, and his sturdy arms hugged her up, walked through the living room, and said in a deep displeased voice. cool."

Fang Xinxin raised his arm and hooked his neck, not shy at all, said, "I miss you."

One sentence made Bai Qinghao's heart full of ten thousand years of ice instantly turn into softness.

"Then you have to wear shoes." Bai Qinghao Senhan's voice couldn't hide his distress.

Liu Li was shocked at the door.

Isn't the commander here to catch the traitor?

He was still waiting to see Fang Xinxin being an ugly lady.

After all, he wanted to find someone to bolster his back before he died, and Fang Xinxin, who was the first survivor, was the most suitable.