Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 321

Chapter 321: For Shaohua's Sake?

His heart was full of unwillingness who didn't want to die alone. The commander did not catch the rape, he came to catch him.

As long as Fang Xinxin's unfaithfulness to the commander is found, it will be enough to destroy her!

Walking to the living room, a pair of eyes scanned the entire living room and the connected dining room without a trace.

Fang Xinxin was clearly nesting on the sofa in the living room just now, and Fang Shaohua opened the security door after the doorbell rang for a second. They were neatly dressed, and there was no taste of eroticism in the whole house. Instead, there was a taste of... food.

On the table there are still a few dishes leftovers that have not had time to clean up.

The doors of the three rooms are not closed.

The study is an office area with no beds and no bunks in the second bedroom. Even the bedding in the master bedroom is neatly folded.

From the monitoring time point of view, two people came out of the hospital and entered the house for only an hour. They had to wash vegetables, cook, cook and eat...

The time spent alone is almost spent.

From visual observations, Fang Shaohua and Fang Xinxin did not seem to commit adultery.

Liu Li regretted to come to this conclusion, presumably the commander knew better.

Fang Shaohua looked at Xinxin's unabashedly enthusiastic attitude towards Bai Qinghao...

The heart is like being poured with a basin of thoroughly cold water.

He had been in jail for three years before, and he had just come out of prison on bail for medical treatment. He saw her in his foster father's ward and he embraced her excitedly.

But she was not tepid, just comforting him like a sister.

In recent years, according to his impressions, Xinxin's temperament is a little weak and a little shy, and he is the kind of person who may not be able to tell if he suffered.

Unexpectedly, she was so frank and straightforward to Bai Qinghao.

She has said that she has become strong and brave, and is no longer the cowardly she once was.

Good thing, while he was happy for her, he was too uncomfortable.

Because of her, she is getting farther and farther away from him...

Putting away his melancholy mood, Fang Shaohua looked at Liu Li's behavior in the room and said in a cold voice, "Don't worry, no one here wants to assassinate your commander."

Bai Qinghao was a bit displeased with Liu Li's unauthorized actions, "You two, wait outside."


The two guards retreated outside the thief's door.

Fang Xinxin only noticed Liu Li, who was safe and sound, and a bit of anger rose in her heart.

This Liu Lizui is so cheap that she posted a video to Bai Qinghao's WeChat account, thinking that Liu Li would be punished.

It turned out that there was nothing wrong with this good friend.

She knew that Liu Li was not the same as other guards to Bai Qinghao, who was a dead brother.


Can you belittle her?

Is it that in Bai Qinghao's heart, she is not as important as a Liu Li?

She broke away from Bai Qinghao's arms, jumped to the ground, and suddenly asked coldly, "What are you doing?"

The warm fragrant nephrite in Bai Qinghao's arms was lost, and there was a ray of loss in his heart. Seeing his fiancee's attitude of turning his face faster than turning a book, it was a bit inexplicable, "You said a minute ago that you missed me..."

She asked again angrily, "I'll ask you what to do!"

The anti-theft door in the living room was not closed, but Liu Li could hear it at the door.

In my heart, the commander was encouraged to quickly say to catch the rape.

I'm afraid that Fang Xinxin won't succeed!

Bai Qinghao's sharp gaze slipped around Fang Shaohua's face, wondering if she was deliberately angry with him for Fang Shaohua.

Could it be that she was not defending herself for Bai Chenxi, but Fang Shaohua?

This recognition made him feel a sour and jealous smell in his heart for an instant, and an indescribable dull anger.