Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 322

Chapter 322: The Foster Brother Or The Fiance Are Separated

Fang Shaohua was outstanding in appearance, although he was still a criminal, he was most likely wronged.

It is not equivalent to Bai Chenxi's useless waste.

Moreover, he has been adopted by the Fang family since he was a child, and he has a deep relationship with Xinxin since childhood.

Once it was confirmed that Fang Shaohua was wronged and imprisoned, according to Fang Xinxin's character, not only did he not count that he had been in jail, but he might even feel more distressed for Fang Shaohua's foster brother.

The sharp eyes of an eagle were like X-rays, almost trying to see through Fang Shaohua.

Fang Shaohua is also a person, with a calm look, even he can't see what he thinks in his heart?

Bai Qinghao wanted to admit that he came to catch the **** angrily.

It's not that Fang Xinxin is afraid of him. In fact, only others in the world are afraid of him, Bai Qinghao!

I knew from the bottom of my heart that Fang Xinxin would not betray him.

I don't want to be bad because of my emotions, so he said coldly, "What does this commander do, do I need to explain to you?"

Fang Shaohua heard the words, a trace of smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

Bai Qinghao obviously came to Xinxin.

He didn't even know that Xinxin would eat soft or hard, and sometimes neither soft nor hard.

Such a proud attitude will only make Xinxin even more angry.

Of course, he would not kindly remind.

I wish that Bai Qinghao was dead, and Xinxin's fiance's position would be made up by himself.

Fang Shaohua said calmly, "Commander Bai, I don't care what you do, please don't think about bad things."

In a word, it is to remind Fang Xinxin that this person is suspecting that we are not clean.

Fang Xinxin was really angry, instantly like a furious little lion, "Bai Qinghao, are you here to catch the traitor!"

Say yes quickly.

Liu Li cried out with a surging heart at the door.

As long as the commander and Fang Chouchou have completely turned their faces, he doesn't have to worry about being punished for this woman again.

Bai Qinghao's angry attitude towards his fiancee is obviously anger and being wronged. He will not be so stupid as Shaohua in China's scheming to instigate divorce. "Please don't walk the gentleman's belly like a villain. Didn't Xin Xin just say miss me? She is the fiance of our commander. I missed her, so I came."

Fang Xinxin's angry expression eased slightly.

Even if Bai Qinghao really has the purpose of catching the rape, as long as he doesn't admit it, it means that he cares about her.

Liu Li felt overwhelmed by dark clouds.

His great commander, afraid to offend Fang Xinxin?

"..." Fang Shaohua didn't expect to be so lofty as Bai Qinghao, that he would act unscrupulously, "Your guard just visited me well just now."

"There are many people who want my life, Liu Li's duty." Bai Qinghao's eyes fell on Fang Shaohua, as if he was included.

Fang Shaohua was noncommittal.

Since the other party did not admit to catching the **** and used safety as an excuse, he couldn't help but, "What tea would you like to drink, Commander Bai?"

Bai Qinghao's voice was as cold as ice, and he didn't buy it. "Don't bother an outsider."

"Heh..." Fang Shaohua sneered, and immediately said the difference between relatives, "This is my family. My surname is Fang, and my third sister Fang Xinxin is also surnamed Fang. Even if you are Xinxin's fianc, she has not yet passed the house. I don't know. Who is an outsider."

Regarding Fang Shaohua's self-righteous intimacy with Fang Xinxin, Bai Qinghao's lips lifted up a sneer, and he recklessly dropped a blockbuster, "Fang Xinxin is already my woman!"

Fang Shaohua's originally indifferent eyes flashed in disbelief.

Unexpectedly, deep pain flowed through my heart.

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