Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 326

Chapter 326: I Am Not Yours

Fang Xinxin didn't bother to put one fart.

It's not that he didn't deal with Liu Li, the guard.

Liu Li was pretty good. If she didn't react at the beginning, after a little thought, it became clear that Bai Qinghao probably hadn't seen the WeChat video she sent.

Moreover, depending on the situation, it is obvious that she didn't even read the text messages she sent him in the master bedroom of the Royal Court.

In fact, he was still misunderstanding that she was unwilling to sleep with him, and that she was angry that he was advocating to rectify her name, as superior and respectable as him, and still looked down on her face under such circumstances.

She was very moved.

However, Liu Lizui, who had always been loyal to him, was too cheap, and she also knew that Liu Lizhi was definitely not as simple as a guard, but a deadly brother.

Of course he doesn't need to break his hands and feet for her, it is necessary to deal with Liu Li!

If she gets along with him right now, then Liu Li's punishment will definitely become lighter invisibly.

Put a little delay and get together. You can see what Master Commander can do for her, and you can kill Liu Li. Why not?

Fang Xinxin thinks that the word kindness is very suitable for her in her previous life. In this life... the black belly has filled her chest, and she can't change it.

"Fang Xinxin, I order you to speak!" Bai Qing Hao Senhan's tone added a trace of impatience, his face was stern.

Most people are scared to pee, but she rewarded him, "Sorry, I am not your soldier."

While driving, Liu Li paid attention to the communication between the commander and Fang Xinxin. He felt that this ugly woman was a real act.

No wonder there are so many ugly people.

It is best that the commander can't stand her and throw her out of the car. Then he happily watched her rolling ten and eight laps on the speeding highway, rolling to death and falling down.

Bai Qinghao couldn't frighten her when she saw her stern face, put away her impatient emotions, and then turned into patiently coaxing, "Hey, tell me, what are you angry with?"

On the battlefield, he analyzed the enemy's tactics and figured out the criminal motives of the conspirators...anything.

Just don't understand a woman's heart.

Who made him live for twenty-five years and only fell in love with a girl?

I haven't talked about it, right?

He also didn't know if he was in love with her.

He only knew that she was already his woman, and even her heart could only belong to him!

"I'm not your soldier!" She blew the same sentence from her mouth again.

The meaning of accident, the right to ignore him.

Bai Qinghao's face instantly cracked as cold as ten thousand years, and he warned coldly, "Fang Xinxin, my patience is limited!"

"Then I like to challenge the limit the most, you can completely ignore it."

"Good, even'you' is used." Bai Qinghao burst into his teeth, "I want to get rid of me, no window!"

Tugged her body and clasped her head with a big palm...

Just when Liu Li and the guard in the passenger seat thought that Fang Xinxin was about to be thrown out of the car gorgeously, Bai Qinghao leaned over, holding Fang Xinxins head with one hand and not allowing her to move. Pressing on her body, she pressed her soft cherry lips harshly.

His kiss was brutal and brutal, and Fang Xinxin's lips were painful from the heavy sucking.

She opened her lips and wanted to bite him, but he took advantage of the situation and stretched out his tongue domineeringly into her neat teeth, grabbing her fragrance aggressively.

Liu Li stayed with the other guard for a moment, and at the same time 10,000 black crows soared in their hearts...

Even if Fang Xinxin is thin, but with such an ugly face, how can their great commander speak?