Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 329

Chapter 329: Potential Rivals

Thinking of the special treatment Fang Xinxin had received again and again, he swallowed as soon as he reached his mouth.

Sure enough, Bai Qinghao was bored with her leftover milk.

Fang Xinxin was facing him at the moment, sitting on his lap, watching him drink milk so handsome and invincible.

The thick black eyebrows, the straight bridge of the nose, the thin and cool lips are matched with a firm and perfect outline, coupled with the natural rolling of the apple when swallowing, it is so **** that it can charm all women in the world!

Sleep him, sleep him, sleep him to death!

Fang Xinxin's eyes flashed wolves and swallowed without a trace.

What a keen and intuitive person Bai Qinghao was, how could he not notice her almost hungry look in her eyes.

This dead woman didn't know which muscle didn't get it right. She was obviously interested in him, so she just pretended to be angry with him?

He waved his hand quietly.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng stepped down deliberately and carefully closed the door for his master.

Zhao Cheng got out of the master bedroom, still feeling that the owner's cleanliness quirks hit Xinxin on the top, and everything was gone. Honorable loves as clean as him, actually drinking a glass with a woman...

Only when he reached the entrance of the corridor, the guard Liu Li greeted him immediately, "Housekeeper Zhao, Fang Xinxin was so proud to be beaten in front of the commander just now, so he didn't really lose a nail."

"How could it not fall?" He sighed and returned to his senses.

Liu Li breathed a sigh of relief and patted his chest dangerously, "I said, no one dares to be arrogant in front of the commander, that's only for death..."

"She lost ten nails, and the commander said that she was going to trim her nails, so she personally cut them." Zhao Cheng interrupted his eloquence, "Brother Liu, I think you are sneaky, you seem to be eager Unlucky Xinxin. Did you offend her?"

"Why don't you ask if she offended me?"

"She offended you, she must be fine." Zhao Cheng never lied, "You will definitely be miserable if you offend her."

Liu Li's face collapsed, "Is it so obvious? Brother Zhao, it's still in your eyes. I said Fang Xinxin looked terrible and was not worthy of the commander. He was driven out of the room by the commander... and was recorded by a treacherous villain Fang Xinxin. Yes, I sent a WeChat video to the commander."

Butler Zhao Cheng immediately understood, "The commander's personal phone has not been turned on yet, and he has not read the video yet."

I glanced at him up and down, and no, how could he stand here?

"Brother, you said, what should I do now?" Liu Li said with a sad expression.

Zhao Cheng patted him comfortably on the shoulder, and said with earnest heart, "God can save you!"

Liu Li's face was whiter than the white paint on the wall, and he was sleepy, but when he thought of that video, all his sleepers were scared away.


In the master bedroom, Bai Qinghao put Fang Xinxin on the luxurious bed.

This bed is too big and comfortable. Fang Xinxin didn't want to move as soon as she lay on it, but she insisted on getting up, "You are going to sleep, I will go to the guest room."

It's one o'clock in the middle of the night, so I don't insist on going back to Fang's house.

"Fang Xinxin, what are you so angry about?" Bai Qinghao Weiyu locked deeply, his eyes sank suddenly, and asked in a cold voice, "Do you like your big brother Fang Shaohua?"

He asked, almost nervously in his throat.

She and Fang Shaohua grew up in the same family, and they have been close friends since childhood, and Fang Shaohua's man is indeed better than ordinary people.

If he is not a criminal, he is definitely a potential rival in love.

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