Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 332

Chapter 332: Injection

"It's just a cellphone message, I'm not in a hurry now." He leaned forward, and the hot kiss continued to fall eagerly on her white skin...

Her skin is really white and tender.

"Fang Xinxin, you won't be allowed to burn yourself in the future!" He ordered, instead of discussing, his slender fingers put marks on her, "Here, here, and here..."

The big palm almost covered her whole body, "Everything belongs to me!"

"No more exposure." She repented of her stupidity.

It's an idiot if you finally raise the white back and go back again.

Her delicacy made his cold and scorching eyes flash with satisfaction, and the strength of his men could not be restrained.

"Bai Qinghao, it really doesn't work..." She was also burned by lust.

"It can't be you!" His cold male voice was hoarse because of wanting to be wang, and he tugged hard with his palm.


The clothes on her were torn into rags.

She knew that fierce resistance would only arouse his deeper possessiveness, and she simply lay motionless on the bed.

This trick may be effective for him before, but now...

He crazily wanted her for too long, too long!

Regardless of her wishes, she pulled her trousers with a big palm.

"This is..." Bai Qinghao looked at the blood stains on her lower body in surprise, a ray of tension flashed in his dark eyes, "Are you injured?"

"You just got hurt. Your whole family is hurt!" She hurriedly grabbed the bedding, "I'm just... that's here."

Bai Qinghao is not familiar with women anymore, but she also reacted, she is coming to the moon, "This is the reason you rejected me before?"


After being scolded by her, he was not only not angry, but a hint of joy in his heart.

As long as she is not defending herself for other men.

Looking at her almost perfect figure, the desire and hope in his eyes did not retreat, and he asked hoarsely, "This girl is here, can't you do it?"

"Fight for blood, women are prone to gynecological diseases."

He listened, and spent almost his entire life restraint before he endured the urge to force her to avoid being forced to turn over from her.

He just thought about it, he wouldn't be a **** to risk her body safely.

The servant had prepared her clothes in the large closet in the master bedroom.

He personally handed her a set of her underwear and new clothes before leaving the room quickly.

Fang Xinxin watched him restrained to almost stiff footsteps, and quickly changed into his clothes, trying to keep up with him.

I looked around in the study and living room, but didn't see anyone else, and casually asked the servant on night shift, "Where is Bai Qinghao?"

"Master is out."

"Where did you go?"

"He didn't explain."

Fang Xinxin took out her cell phone to call Bai Qinghao, only to find that her cell phone was ringing at the stairs.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng took Bai Qinghao's mobile phone down the spiral staircase, "Miss Fang San, the commander didn't bring the phone, he told me to wait in the living room."

"I'll wait for him too." She took her phone and sat on the sofa in the living room.

More than ten minutes later, Bai Qinghao's tall and stalwart figure turned back. Fang Xinxin saw him walk in from outside the door, and greeted him, "Where have you been?"

"It's nothing, just went out for a while and blew a cold wind." His voice had returned to his usual coldness.

Wouldn't he tell her that he was holding back so much that he almost burst it out!

It's useless to just take a cold shower.

Let the special medical doctor assigned to him by the army come over and give him a shot of tranquilizer to fight the fire.