Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 333

Chapter 333: Watch Video

Fang Xinxin saw that there was nothing unusual on his face, so he relaxed, "That's good."

Bai Qinghao took off her large military jacket and put it on her, frowning distressedly, "It's cold in the middle of the night, don't freeze."

His coat was very generous, and he also carried his body temperature, which made her feel warm in both body and mind, "It's not cold."

He carefully helped her sit back on the sofa, as if hurting the most precious baby in the world.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng presented two mobile phones with both hands.

Bai Qinghao took it, put his official mobile phone in his pocket, unlocked the password of the private mobile phone with his fingerprint, and started to check the information.

Fang Xinxin saw that the three text messages she had previously sent him were all marked as unread.

He clicked on it, and when he saw the first text message from her was [A scum who doesnt deserve shoes...]

She caught a glimpse of him next to him, his face suddenly darkened.

"I'm scum? Huh?" His sharp eyes glanced coldly at her sitting next to her.

Fang Xinxin was immediately shaken by the chill in his eyes and grinned, "Hey...I didn't say that."

When he saw the bottom of the countless lines of blanks, it was written [That is Bai Chenxi. Do you think Bai Chenxi is qualified to carry shoes for you?

Reading this short message continuously, she mischievously wrote that Bai Chenxi was not worthy to lift his shoes.

Bai Qinghao's dark complexion suddenly turned fine, and he continued to read the second text message:

[I didn't defend myself for anyone, I came to my aunt. In fact, when you are back, I also want to... By the way, you made your own claim to rectify my name. Not only did I not get angry, but thank you very much. I also think that you are so handsome when you speak on the scene at the Beijing University of Love.

It turned out that she wanted the world to know that she was his fiance.

She also said he was handsome...

A paragraph of text made Bai Qinghao happily constricted the corners of his hard lips.

Especially when she saw the third text message, she said that when her aunt left, she would make up for him.

The haze of his whole heart was all swayed away, and his icy body and mind exuded joy from the inside to the outside. He arrogantly swept her tender body, leaned to her ear, and whispered, "The message is not clearly stated," 'You also want' what?"

I want to **** with you.

She answered inwardly, but on the surface it was serious, "Nothing."

His cold male voice was unconcealed with ambiguous temptation, "You said, in a few days, you will make up for me."

At this moment, the guard Liu Li came out from nowhere, bowed respectfully, glanced at the commander's phone, carefully said, "Commander, are you looking for me?"

Looking at the commander, he seemed to be very happy. Could it be that he wasn't angry, but thought he was justified?

Just say, Fang Xinxin is an ugly woman who is worthy of a great commander.

I don't know how hard it is for the commander to eat her.

Worried for so long for nothing. I knew that Fang Xinxins video was useless, so why bother to be afraid.

Fang Xinxin deliberately reminded Bai Qinghao with a rigid face, "WeChat, I haven't watched the WeChat video I sent you yet."

"What? Commander hasn't watched the video yet..." Liu Li thought he had escaped, and immediately raised his mood just about to relax. "Commander, Miss Fang San also sent you a very insignificant video. You Don't look at it, just look straight and delete it. Really, there's nothing good about it..."

Bai Qinghao gave him a cool look, and his sharp eyes made him shut up immediately.

A slender finger swiped the phone screen and clicked on the WeChat video sent by Fang Xinxin, and a paragraph of content immediately popped out:

From the time the commander took you into the room, its only been more than twenty minutes now... it made it clear that he didn't touch you and made you get out of the house...