Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 336

Chapter 336: Punishment For Liu Li

Fang Xinxin's watery pupils sent a 10,000-watt electric Qiubo towards Bai Qinghao affectionately, shaking his arm affectionately, "Ha!"

Such a coquettish voice, if it comes from a beautiful woman, it is still a pleasure, but she is covered with acne scabs on her face that can't be seen clearly.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng and the three guards including Liu Li all got goose bumps.

Only Bai Qinghao seemed to be very useful. Leng Rui's eyes looked at her with a touch of gentleness, knowing that she was going to plead for Liu Li, no nonsense, "I only accept equivalent exchanges."

"What's the equivalent exchange?" She blinked her eyes.

Bai Qinghao leaned close to her ear and said in a low voice that only two people could hear.

Fang Xinxin immediately yelled in disbelief, "What, I want to pay for it!"

It was deliberately said, who made Bai Qinghao usually cool like a big iceberg for thousands of years, without any extra emotions on his face.

What a wonderful thing to add a touch of humanity to our cool and handsome commander.

The butler and the three guards all had a surprised look, full of black lines.

Are you thinking that the commander can't make such a request?

After all, Fang Xinxin seemed to be ugly as a normal man.

"..." Bai Qinghao didn't expect that she would actually say it. A handsome male face was cold and cold, his face was rigid and scary.

Fang Xinxin could see from his red ears that he was embarrassed at the moment.

The commander seemed so embarrassed that he was so refreshing, don't stand up.

Her dissatisfied eyes shot towards Liu Lifei, "I see, this girl has to sleep with your commander for your little life. How can I repay me?"

"This..." Liu Li actually thinks that she can sleep with the commander, it's a great deal of money.

She looks like only the commander can swallow it.

The housekeeper Zhao Cheng and the other two guards also felt that Fang Xinxin had gotten a good price and sold well.

For the sake of his life, Liu Li could only accept her love, "How does Madam want her subordinates to repay?"

Never agree with your body.

Of course, the commander's woman, he didn't dare to make any decisions after eating the bear heart.

But she was so ugly that people and gods were angry, and if the commander didn't want her someday, if she relied on him to save her life...he couldn't bear it.

What does it mean to sleep with Liu Li's life? Bai Qinghao's sharp eyebrows frowned, and her anger was just ascending, but her next sentence was wiped out.

"You don't need to repay it to me. You can protect Bai Qinghao with your life in the future." She waved her hand and looked at Liu Li as if she was paralyzed by her.

It made her behave like him.

Liu Li breathed a sigh of relief without a trace. As long as he is not allowed to pay, he can say anything, "Please rest assured, this lady, it is the subordinate's duty to protect the commander to death."

"That's good." Fang Xinxin had a pain in her lower abdomen. She had no dysmenorrhea, but her aunt would still feel uncomfortable when she came, so she went upstairs to sleep first.

Bai Qinghao's cold eyes fell on Liu Li, and he said in a deep voice, "Go down and receive the punishment by yourself. From now on, take care of your mouth."


Liu Li felt like a dream, thinking that he would be shot, but he didn't expect to save his life.

But when he thought of the commander personally arranging special training for him, the footsteps of the **** of death seemed to be approaching him...

Fang Xinxin lay in the master bedroom on the third floor for ten minutes, and the door opened with a creak.

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