Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 342

Chapter 342: He Is So Coaxing

"Then fifty yuan."

His face was so dark that there was almost smoke above his head, and Leng Sen's eyes were so angry that he wanted to kill.

She didn't dare to provoke him further, her eyes rolled around, she leaned from the space between the front passenger seat and the driver's seat, and leaned her lips toward him in the back seat, in his cold and fortitude He took a mouthful of his face and kissed him.

She backed away quickly and asked cautiously, "Is this all right?"

Bai Qinghao didn't expect that she would take the initiative to kiss herself suddenly, and the whole icy heart was bubbling with a bubble called pleasure.

The appalling anger in his eyes melted away instantly, and he nodded slightly.

She was as smart as Fang Xinxin, but he didn't notice it. He got in the car before she was angry and didn't sit with him in the front seat.

She just angered him deliberately by Evil Taste, just like seeing him angry for her.

He just kissed him like a dragonfly, so he won't be angry anymore?

High on the battlefield, the commander, who is so cruel and discouraged by the enemy, is so nice?

I know that he cares about her too much.

Fang Xinxin suddenly felt sour.

You shouldn't be angry with Liu Li over a little thing.

What kind of thing is Liu Li, it's worth the gap between her and the beloved male god.

Thinking about it this way, her mood suddenly brightened, and a sincere smile spread out between her eyebrows, "Bai Qinghao, you are so kind!"

Bai Qinghao saw her suddenly happy expression, and seeing her radiant face was definitely from the heart.

Wasn't she still in a bad mood just now, why did she change so fast?

Could it be that women's emotions are fickle during menstruation?

No matter what, as long as she is happy.

His heart as cold as a glacial rock also became soft.

Now that the commander was satisfied with Fang Xinxin's behavior, the driver Li Bingpan took the initiative to open the central control lock.

Fang Xinxin got out of the car and did not enter the school immediately. Instead, she opened the back seat door and threw herself into Bai Qinghao's broad and sturdy arms, and said with a dull nasal voice, "My dear, I can't bear you!"

Bai Qinghao's back stiffened, and the same deep emotion filled the cold pupils, and the cold male voice said, "Same."

"Then I won't go to class..."

"Go ahead." He said solemnly. God knows how much he wants her to stay. But she said that she wanted to study hard.

Then don't delay school work for him.

He closed his eyes for a while, and then deliberately lied, "I have something to do at ten o'clock, I can't accompany you."

"All right." She stood up straight and waved at him.

The military off-road vehicle drove away, and the speed could be more than 30 yards, but at least 70 or 80 yards.

The car drove so slowly on the road before, it really wasn't broken, it was Bai Qinghao who wanted to get along with her more.

She was sad again.

A large number of students gathered at the school gate, and a female student said excitedly, "Isn't Commander White in the car that I drove just now? He is so handsome!"

"Commander Bai sent Fang Xinxin to the school. Someday he can send me back and send me to hell, I am willing." Another beauty answered.

"Beautiful, you guys, the male **** has a fianc." The boy who interjected.

Fang Xinxin knew that as long as Bai Qinghao appeared, it would be a sensation.

"Wow! Fang Xinxin, you have lost a lot of weight!" Qian Xiaohe from the senior class screamed at her.

"Finally, the skin that used to be blacker than carbon is back white!"

"Recumbent, Fang Xinxin, your figure is really good, from 1.67 to 1.68 meters by visual inspection, which is more than 110 kilograms. It is like a fat pig has become a model!"