Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Xinxin's Conscience Was Eaten By A Dog

Sun Jiamu walked over quickly and said to her anxiously, "I used to read the posts on the forum, but I basically scolded Fang Manxue for being so cheap and cheap. Unexpectedly, I saw a reprint on the school forum. This post was reposted from an internal forum of a certain hospital, and the title was "Commander Bais fiancee Fang Xinxin is very unfilial." Such an eye-catching title was reposted tens of thousands of times under the banner of Commander Bai. , The comments on the major forums are very hot...Almost all scold you, and they are all on the hot search list."

Fang Xinxin immediately searched the original post, and saw a seemingly helpless and sad sentence written on it:

Ever since I watched the scene at Beijing University of Love, I have been deeply moved and moved by Fang Xinxin. I admire her. She has the great sentiment of noble and caring alumni. She is such a kind person. She even brought 100 million donations to the students of Beijing University.

In my heart, Fang Xinxin is the greatest idol.

I even thought, if I can meet her with such a well-behaved girl someday, it would be my greatest honor!

Ms. Fang Lilan entered the hospital in a car accident. As a medical staff, when I learned that she was Fang Xinxins biological mother, I was excited and took care of the idols mother carefully. At the same time, he sent a text message to Fang Xinxin. A screenshot of the SMS is attached.

[Hello, is it Ms. Fang Lilan's daughter? I am here at XXX Hospital. Ms. Fang had a car accident and she has fallen into a coma. She needs an operation in the hospital and needs to sign. Can you rush over right away? Can you bring more family members over here?

Then the post went on to write:

The phone prompts to shut down after calling Fang Xinxin, and the text message sinks into the sea. Because Fang Xinxin is so famous, she also has a basic understanding of Ms. Fang Lilan's hospital. She has two daughters.

Unfortunately, one of her daughters, Fang Manxue, was seriously injured and went to our hospital. So far, she is still unconscious.

Fortunately, Fang Xinxin's second uncle rushed to the hospital in time, and only then did the operation on Ms. Fang Lilan.

Two days later, Fang Xinxin still did not see Fang Xinxin visit her mother in the hospital. Originally, I thought Fang Xinxin could not be reached and did not see the information.

My idols mother has been hospitalized. In my heart, it is somewhat special. Early this morning, I took the initiative to go outside the Beijing University campus to wait for the idol to appear. I want to tell her, go to the hospital to see your mother.

From a distance, I watched her being flattered by the stars Gongyue for being Commander Bai's fiance.

That should be because she has a good heart.

When I saw... she picked up her phone, texted, and answered the phone!

Also attached is a photo of Fang Xinxin sitting on a bench in the boulevard of the campus, sending messages and answering phone calls.

It was shot from a long distance, high-definition video, and it was still Fang Xinxin.

Then, the tone of the poster became excited:

This is what I think, and I have always firmly believed that the idol Fang Xinxin did not see the news that her mother was admitted to the hospital in a car accident.

I heard that someone saw her using her cell phone normally yesterday.

It's not that she didn't know the news, she obviously didn't go to the hospital to visit her mother on purpose!

Such a feminine-hearted woman, a woman who doesn't even pay attention to her birth mother's car accident, is not worthy of being my idol, not worthy of the word good!

Fang Xinxin, you have disappointed me too much and the general public too!