Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 345

Chapter 345:

An unfilial girl who has no basic human bottom line, has your conscience eaten by a dog?

After rigorously asked questions, I attached several pictures of Fang Lilan lying alone in a hospital ward unattended, pale, and covered in gauze in several places.

The signature is a nurse from XX Hospital.

Fang Xinxin looked cold after reading the post, but there was no sad mood.

Maybe it was because I always suffered from this in my previous life, and my heart is already numb.


With a sound, a text message came in from her mobile phone:

[Fang Das employer, how high your second sister was praised, how badly you were thrown away. The bitch, the son and the goddess are separated by a line. For the past two days, I was watching a post that apologized for misunderstanding you as a junior and praised your kindness. Reading a nurse's post, at first I thought it was someone who praised you on Mars again. As a result...they are now learning and selling, copy the routine directly, first offer you to the sky, and then throw you down. Look at it for yourself, you are now being scolded by netizens that are so miserable...Don't say you know me, I'm afraid of being hurt.

The information was sent by Min Chul from the detective agency.

Fang Xinxin deleted the short message after reading it.

"It's so **** at me!" Sun Jiamu said angrily. "This anonymous nurse has no bottom line to scold you for being a human being. What's **** is that so many blind netizens all follow you and scold you. Keyboard Man is so cool to curse people online, I dont know that saliva can kill people!"

Fang Xinxin looked at the comment areas of posts reprinted in major forums and media. Almost all accounts were scolding herself:

[Such an unfilial woman is worthy to live? Hades are too scumbags to accept you.

[Fang Xinxin, you don't even have basic morals, go back to your mother's womb and recreate it!

Occasionally there is a very polite comfort:

[Commander Bai, you once said at the scene at the Beijing University of Love that Fang Xinxin is a kind person. But for a woman who even turned a blind eye to her own mother's car accident, your fiancee has a very good character...Hundreds of filial piety first, and then talk about other qualities. You are the national **** of war, don't be fooled by such a woman]

Things keep fermenting every minute, like a snowball, getting bigger and bigger.

"Class time is approaching. There will be class at ten o'clock." Fang Xinxin got up from the bench and walked in the direction of the teaching building.

"Xinxin, are you still in the mood to go to class?" Sun Jiamu kept up with her and said anxiously, "You think of a way to suppress this matter?"

"How to pressure?" She asked calmly.

"This..." Sun Jiamu had no idea for a while.

"Fang Xinxin, I didn't expect you to be the original fiance of the national male **** Bai Qinghao." An unknown female student walked over to greet her, "I misunderstood you before and scolded you at the school forum. Sorry."

"It's okay." She smiled and shook her head.

"I mistook you as a junior and scolded you so badly. I also apologize." Another male student in the school saw her and spoke up.

"The one who doesn't know is not guilty." She still maintained a gentle smile.

Liu Xu, a classmate in the second and third classes, just passed by at this time, and looked at the two apologizing men and women mockingly, "You two are stupid, apologize to this kind of person."

"Liu Xu, do you make it clear, what kind of person?" Sun Jiamu immediately became angry like an old hen guarding the calf.