Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Out Of Fame

"Sun Jiamu, you were still looking through your phone just now. Don't tell me, you don't know what Fang Xinxin did that didn't even have a bottom line." Liu Xu looked generous, "I won't be a girl with you, but For the sake of classmates, I would advise you to stay away from Fang Xinxin."

Then he said to the man and woman who apologized, "You can go to any forum and check it out on campus. You know what Fang Xinxin is, and he is an alumnus of Beijing University, so I won't be swearing."

Sure enough, the man and the woman immediately turned their heads on the cellphone forum. After a minute, Fang Xinxin's eyes changed, "Go, go. We don't get dirty. After all, Commander Bai's fiance can't afford it."

After all, the two hurried away.

Liu Xu raised his chin proudly, "Sun Jiamu, why are you standing next to Fang Xinxin, kindly persuade you, dont listen. Look at how many alumni around you cast contemptuous eyes at Fang Xinxin? If she is not Commander Bais fiance, I've long been scolded for being unfilial by pointing my nose to my face!"

"What about me, it's your ass!" Sun Jiamu took Fang Xinxin's arm, "Xinxin, no matter what you do, I will support you!"

"..." Fang Xinxin was very moved, "You are doing this for me now, and in the future...I will also protect you."

Jiamu will never repeat the tragic fate of her previous life.

Jia Tong, who was in the same bedroom, watched the excitement for a while. She had a festival with Fang and Sun before. When she saw this, she immediately sneered, "Sun Jiamu, I think you want to hold Fang Xinxin's thigh. Yes, she In the future, you will be married to Bais family. Its not impossible to take your grandson family. But you have to figure out what identity is Commander Bai. Fang Xinxin is not tainted, and maybe she can pass. She even has a bottom line of life. No, maybe you wont be Commander Bais fianc soon. Dont be like Qian Xiaoheba with Fang Manxue, sticking to her cold **** for a long time, and then you will end up playing with a bamboo basket."

"Wu, you're talking nonsense!" Sun Jiamu blushed and eagerly said to Xinxin, "Xinxin, don't listen to her nonsense. I want to be nice to you, definitely not because you are the fiance of Commander White. I sincerely want to make this friend of you. I assure you that no matter if it is before or in the future, I will never think of getting any benefits from you. If... If Bai Qinghao really broke off the marriage contract with you, we will still be Best sisters!"

"I believe you." Fang Xinxin nodded.

Sun Jiamu's eyes flushed with emotion, "There is nothing more beautiful than these four words."

Fang Xinxin smiled, "Unfortunately, sister is not a man, if yes, I will marry you!"

Sun Jiamu was amused by her humor.

"Cut, it's black near the ink." Wu Jiatong sneered, "You can slowly enjoy the alumni's'Attention Ceremony'. Standing with Fang Xinxin, they all agree."

"Then get rid of you!" Fang Xinxin sneered.

Dare to tell her to get out, Wu Jiatong wanted to get angry and wished to incite her to death, but was somewhat afraid of her identity as the fiance of Commander Bai, and finally walked away unwillingly.


At the Imperial Court Study, Bai Qinghao first opened a simple military video conference.

Then, it quickly processed all kinds of important documents that Shengshi Group had accumulated during this period.


The housekeeper Zhao Cheng walked into the study and spoke coldly, "Commander, Miss Fang San has a'black name'."