Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 348

Chapter 348: People Xing Nan Likes

Fang Xinxin walked out of the classroom in full view of the classmates.

In the corridor, Ma Yongting looked at Fang Xinxin, and asked calmly, "Today's online news and forums?"

"Yeah." Fang Xinxin nodded.

"Have you never seen your mother in the hospital?"

She still nodded. Originally thought it would be approved by Director Ma.

Unexpectedly, he just kindly reminded, "Do you want to rush to the hospital to see your mother? It's too late to make up for it. Go now, and post it well, and apologize in the news media, saying that you are busy with your studies. Maybe some netizens will forgive me if I dont care about it for a while."

Fang Xinxin shook her head, "Thank you for the kindness of the director. I don't need the forgiveness of netizens because I am not wrong."

"All right." Ma Yongting patted her on the shoulder and said with earnest heart, "I believe you have difficulties."

"Do you believe me?" Very surprised.

"I just believe in the eyes of Commander White." After that, he walked into the classroom first.

Fang Xinxin returned to her desk seat.

"Okay, let's start the class now." Ma Yongting stood in front of the podium and taught with a sense of humor. "Students sitting here will become professional design talents if they rely on majoring in their jobs in the future. , Not only pays attention to theoretical knowledge, but also pays more attention to practical ability. Fashion design and engineering profession sounds more serious than the music department and art department. In fact, it is also a vivid art that needs to be studied and more in-depth. Layers of love to understand..."

When the director started speaking, the depth was different. The students in the whole classroom were still listening to the class quietly and seriously.

After a while, the get out of class bell rang.

As Director Ma walked out of the classroom, Lou Yuna immediately ran to Fang Xinxin and started the gossip mode, "Fang Xinxin, what did Director Ma ask for before class?"

Wu Jiatong sneered shamelessly, "What else can I do? The director of the Political and Education Office, I talked to her because of her character problems."

"Student Wu, don't talk nonsense, Fang Xinxin's character is fine." Sun Jiamu angrily pointed out for her friend.

"She just has a problem, what's the matter, what's the matter!" Wu Jiatong has always been the eldest sister in the class, and there are two small attendants. She has always been the only one to bully.

A few days ago in the dormitory, I ate the boring loss of Fang Xinxin and Sun Jiamu. I was worried that I couldn't find a place back. Now isn't it a good opportunity!

Sun Jiamu sneered, "You die, your mouth is so cheap!"

"What a great thing, the one surnamed Sun dare to scold the old lady. Sisters, come on, beat her to death!" Wu Jiatong waved her hand very imposingly.

Liu Su and Zhang Bei, two of the classmates, rushed towards Sun Jiamu after pulling up their sleeves.

Fang Xinxin sighed with emotion, it's great to have good friends to help.

It's a pity that Jia Mu can't beat these few 38. Moreover, these deaths are probably because they are afraid that Bai Qinghao will cause trouble, so he dare not move himself and take Jiamu's knife.

Fang Xinxin pulled Sun Jiamu behind her, preparing to clean up a few short-eyed ones.

A clear male voice snapped, "Stop it to labor and capital!"

With a domineering look, obviously from the older brother on campus.

Jiang Xingnan, who was sitting at the end of the desk in the first row on the left, slipped his gaze on Fang Xinxin for a while, then stopped on Sun Jiamu, "Whoever dares to do anything to Sun Jiamu, just wait to eat Lao Tzu's row!"