Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Withdraw Hot Search

Liu Su and Zhang Bei immediately stepped aside and said to Wu Jiatong apologetically, "Boss, we dare not mess with a brother."

"A man who doesn't let me move can't be offended."

Wu Jiatong became angry and asked angrily, "Jiang Xingnan, do you like Sun Jiamu?"

"It's up to you." Jiang Xingnan drank coffee on the desk again, really leisurely.

Follow Ban Yuliang to help him add hot water with a kettle.

"What does it mean is none of my business?" Wu Jiatong was furious. "The teachers and students in the school know that I like you!"

Jiang Xingnan didn't even look at her, and said disgustedly, "But I don't like you."

Although Wu Jiatong was mixed with a self-styled female boss in the class, she was also a girl no matter what, but her expression became ugly when she was rejected by her beloved boy in front of the classmates.

"Hey, that's right." Jiang Xingnan seemed to think of something, "Didn't you fight with Sun Jiamu in the dormitory a few days ago, hit the door frame and knocked your teeth? Why did your teeth look good?"

"I..." Wu Jiatong thought he finally cared about her, a little embarrassed, "I have dentures."

"That's right!" Jiang Xingnan clapped his hands happily, and his expression changed in the next second, "My master hates fakes the most!"

"Hahaha!" The whole class laughed.

Everyone knows that Wu Jiatong has a mouth of false teeth. How could Brother One not know? Deliberately teasing her.

Being laughed at by the whole class, Wu Jiatong ran out of the classroom in embarrassment.

While helping Jiang Xingnan beat his back, Yu Liang asked dogmatically, "Brother Nan, I have never seen you help a woman get ahead, do you like Sun Jiamu?"

The classroom is so quiet that you can hear a needle falling on the ground.

Brother Yi's gossip classmates all listened.

"Is the labor criminals have to tell you?" Jiang Xingnan didn't intend to say it at all, and looked at Fang Xinxin.

Since Sun Jiamu was just behind Fang Xinxin, looking over from Jiang Xingnan, in everyone's eyes, she became a look at Jiamu.

Fang Xinxin looked back and touched Jiang Xingnan's sight. His ears became hot and he quickly turned away from his eyes.

"Oh, brother, you still peeked at Jiamu. Jiamu is also considered a beautiful woman, and her family is a business owner, so you should be considered right, so you should marry her!" A classmate laughed.

Sun Jiamu curled the corners of her lips, "Don't mess with mandarin ducks, this girl does not match Young Master Jiang." The rejection was obvious.

Everyone joked and laughed, and saw a few students from other classes in the corridor outside the classroom deliberately looking at Fang Xinxin outside the window.

The look cast was very contemptuous. It seems to be accusing silently: look, that is Fang Xinxin an unfilial daughter!

Brother Yi's gossip can't cover Fang Xinxin's fierce and unfilial talk.

Fang Xinxin didn't bother to pay attention to the eyes of those boring people.

The phone's WeChat rang, she clicked on it, and it was Chi Minzhe from the detective agency that sent a voice over.

There were other classmates who were inconvenient to listen to, so she converted the voice they sent into text:

[Fuck! In less than an hour, the nurse said that you were disfiling hot search posts, and most of the reposts on major forums disappeared. Moreover, it is becoming extinct in all aspects of the Internet media at an extremely fast speed, and no website and media dare to restore this news. It is clear that it is the powerful suppression by the superiors, Miss Fang San, properly your fiance's generous hand. Commander Bai is so helpful to you, I still decided to know you, and... please hug a thigh!