Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 351

Chapter 351: Who Is Your Sister In Law

And, indeed, as everyone said, Jiang Xingnan has never explicitly helped any girl but helped Jiamu.

Jia Mu should be his favorite.

Thinking about it this way, she dialed the number on the text message directly, and yelled at her, "Jiang Xingnan, you are so crazy. Sending such a silly B text message to amuse my old lady, do you think it is fun?"

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for ten seconds before replying: "Yes, labor and management are just teasing you!"

She heard the voice of Jiang Xingnan's silly spirit, and praised three words, "Roll!"

Jiang Xingnan stared at the beep from the phone being hung up, and a young heart kept flaring out with anger.

Yu Liang stood not far away from him, staring at his gloomy expression, "Boss, it seemed like a woman called you just now and arrogantly told you to get rid of it."

"She owes a beating." He almost didn't bite his teeth.

"It's more than a beating, she won't be too much to shave! Boss, you said, so owed goods, shall we throw her into the lake to feed the fish?"

Jiang Xingnan squinted at him in flames, "You are looking for death!"

"I dare not look for death in front of you." Yu Liang finally reacted and asked cautiously, "You are reluctant to clean up the woman who called? Who is she?"

"Your sister-in-law!" Jiang Xingnan dropped the three words and walked away proudly.

"Hey, Brother Nan, when did I have a sister-in-law? Why don't I know? Tell me about her..." Yu Liang chased her all the way, eating a few tremors in her head without even getting half a fart.


In the triple-room ward of a certain hospital, Fang Lilan lay on one of the beds and checked her mobile phone all morning. When she saw nurses post fermenting posts, the online media and major forums almost vilified Fang Xinxin as a bitch. She raised her mouth with a little satisfaction.

Long Shuhai on the other hospital bed looked at her worriedly, "Will it be wrong? In case Commander Bai finds out that you are behind the ghost..."

"I have already told the nurse Yang Fen that all the blame for Fang Xinxin's unfilial piety lies with her." Fang Lilan looked at her daughter Fang Manxue on the third hospital bed, and said heartbrokenly, "My Manxue is still there now. In a coma. Without revenge for her, how do I deserve to be a mother? Fang Xinxin's reputation as a **** is so bad that she doesn't allow the Bai family to think she is stained, and she is not allowed to enter."

Long Shuhai looked at the door from time to time, "Fang Xinxin should have also seen the public opinion scolding her for being unfilial. After waiting for a morning, she didn't come to visit the doctor? In theory, she should not be able to bear the pressure of public opinion, so she has to come over. That's right..."

Fang Lilan curled up the corners of her mouth sharply, and the crow's feet in the corners of her eyes followed with fine folds, "Huh, it's best if she doesn't come. I still think the heat is not enough and I'm about to add firewood."

At this time, nurse Yang Fen ran into the ward in a panic, "Chairman Fang, it's not OK!"

"What did you yell about?" Fang Lilan gave her a slightly annoyed look.

"Look, Fang Xinxin's unfilial news has been withdrawn from the hot search, and most online media can't find the reprinted post."

"Bai Qinghao was the one who shook down public opinion so quickly." Fang Lilan clenched her fist unwillingly, "I can't provoke Bai Qinghao!"

Long Shuhai gave a soft suggestion, "Fang Xinxin's reputation has almost been ruined by you anyway. Or, let me back down?"

Fang Lilan's gloomy and charming face said, "That's what you promise! I have my own arrangements."