Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Charm Sublimation

After a while, she answered the phone, and the other party said that the public opinion that Commander Bai saw Fang Xinxin's unfilial piety had spread too quickly, and it had not stopped the situation from continuing to spread.

"Have you heard?" Fang Lilan snorted coldly, "Fang Xinxin's reputation is too stinky. How can such a noble lintel of the Bai family like a woman who is not filial? Even Bai Qinghao doesn't care about this."

Long Shuhai became excited, "If he doesn't intervene, Fang Xinxin will have a dead end!"

At this time, Fang Manxue on the other hospital bed gave a cry and woke up from her lethargy. She was covered with gauze in several places on her face, her limbs were sore, and her body was hurt in many places. "Mom, those alumni who beat me are arrested. No? I'm going to chop them all off!"

Fang Lilan's voice was indignant, "Daughter, the witnesses said that no one was hitting you, the police did not file a case, and the characterization was just an ordinary trampling accident."

"There are so many reporters at the Beijing University of Love, I don't believe who hit me without the media?"

"Obviously, Bai Qinghao put pressure on him, unified his calibre, and did not capture the scene of your injury."

"Fang Xinxin must have been instigated by that bitch!" Fang Manxue sat up angrily, tearing his bones, "Hiss...it hurts, it hurts me! I was beaten so badly, I lay down for two days. I can't get the bed, it's all caused by Fang Xinxin, I will kill her, kill her!"

"Fang Xinxin is protected by Bai Qinghao, how easy it is to die." Fang Lilan's eyes flashed fiercely, gritted her teeth and said, "You wait and see, Mom will make her a mouse crossing the street!"


Fang Xinxin lay on her bunk in the bedroom of Beijing University D1, Building 2011.

Sun Jiamu is more concerned about the development of nurse posts than she does. "The posts that were previously ordered by Commander Bai to be deleted have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. What should I do? Do you want to continue to ask Bai Qinghao for help?"

"I told him not to care about this." Fang Xinxin knew Fang Lilan too much, and she must have a trick, so she simply waited for her to come out and deal with it together.

"Hey, why are you so stupid..." Sun Jiamu said worriedly, "You are a student of a higher education institution of Beijing University, and there is a topic of hype. You are still the fiance of Commander Bai. Everyone who has spread throughout the empire knows that Fang Xinxin is very unfilial, and your future will be ruined when that happens."

Then I thought about it, "But, you are the fiance of Commander White, so you marry directly, but you don't need work..."

"No." Fang Xinxin said confidently, "I need to work, and I have already started working some time ago. Women, the realization of self-worth is a kind of charm sublimation!"

"Well, what charm have you sublimated?"

"I just played a game and made some stocks."

What games does Sun Jiamu think she is a college student playing? At most, you can make some pocket money from stocks, and then I learned that she made a huge deal!


The bedroom door was knocked, Fang Xinxin looked towards the door suspiciously, and saw a pretty girl with a face of about 20 years old standing there.

"Who is Fang Xinxin?" She spoke proudly.

"Me, what's the matter?"

The girl looked at her up and down, "So you are Fang Xinxin. You don't even have a bottom line to be a human being. You don't even have to lose your face, so that Jinghua University also made a ugly name, and still have the face to be in school? It was you who dropped out of school."