Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 356

Chapter 356:

Bai Qinghao's face was expressionless, and his resolute face was as hard as a knife. "I only know that if you are unhappy because of my looks, I risk losing you... A man, first of all give his woman safety Feeling. If I can't even protect you, I still have the face to talk about the future!"

The story turned around, "The soldiers pay attention to ability and military exploits. At most, it is unsightly in the eyes of a few people. Even if my face is ruined, the future will not be hindered."

What a man of steel. Not relying on face to eat is strong! Fang Xinxin was both moved and distressed.

Bai Qinghao focused on her expression, thinking that she was still worried, and his cold voice added a touch of tenderness, "Don't worry, just you...my assets will be squandered for ten lifetimes."

Woo... I dont know if its because of the pain in the hand, or if I was so moved that I wanted to cry, she squashed her mouth, "I havent passed the door yet, so you just think I squander your property..."

He did give her a lot of money...

According to billions, even though she didn't want to.

He wants to be so good, alas.

"From the moment we got engaged." He declared sovereignty overbearingly and firmly, "Mine is yours. You can only be mine!"

"Yes, yes." She stretched out her uninjured hand, stroking his extremely handsome face, and put on a euphemism, "But I like your handsome face. Don't try to destroy your handsome face anymore. ,good or not?"

As long as she likes it, of course he will agree, "Okay."

Enduring the movement of being caressed by her, his eyes fell on the bleeding wound on her right palm. His face was as ugly as charcoal because of the heartache.

He quickly opened the temporary medicine compartment in the car, picked up the clean gauze and pressed her wound, "I have seen blood, regret it!"

She gave two words affirmatively, "No regrets."

She didn't regret the injury for him...

Bai Qinghao's heart was rippling like an ancient well deep pond, but he sneered distressedly on his face, "Stupid! Don't do this in the future!"

He would rather be stabbed than to hurt her at all!

"I know." She said so, and if time goes back, it will still be so.

Li Bingpan and the guard in the passenger seat were actually surprised by Fang Xinxin's behavior.

A girl who grabbed a knife with her bare hands was so... brave.

Of course, this is a trivial matter for them who are well-trained. For girls, it's really brave.

It seems that she seems to be very affectionate towards the commander, unlike the outsiders who like Bai Chenxi?

Fang Xinxin looked down and watched Bai Qinghao use alcohol cotton to disinfect her wounds and disperse the wound healing powder, the whole movement was completed in one go, extremely skilled.

She knew that he would be injured occasionally when he was out on mission, and simply deal with the wound, even if he is not a doctor.

"Go to the hospital!" Bai Qinghao said in a cold tone.

Li Bingpan turned the steering wheel, just about to change lanes, only to hear Fang Xinxin say, "You have dealt with it, my wound is not deep and it doesn't matter. Let's find a restaurant for dinner, I am hungry and want to eat seafood."

Bai Qinghao couldn't bear to be hungry for her, he hesitated, and said instead, "Go to the'Imperial City Without Two'."

"Yes." The off-road vehicle, which originally intended to turn left, changed to a right turn.

"Imperial Capital One" is one of the most luxurious seafood restaurants in the Imperial Capital. The price is high and the environment is magnificent. The diners are basically rich and powerful.