Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Imperial Capital

Unfortunately, instead of looking at the waiter, Bai Qinghao thought she was in the way, "Go down first."

The beautiful waitress didn't have the opportunity to serve the male **** more, so she could only respectfully answer "Yes, if necessary, call it at any time", and left unwillingly.

"The most famous thing about Emperor Wuer is that the seafood here is very fresh and expensive. They are all shipped by air from abroad. Moreover, there are dozens of seasoning sauces in this store. The taste is very unique and the taste is endless, what other stores do. I can't adjust this unforgettable taste even if it is imitation..." Fang Xinxin said with emotion.

In her previous life, she had never eaten at such an expensive seafood restaurant. The only time was when Bai Qinghao brought her here after marriage.

At that time, he chose this store.


After being known by Bai Chenxi, he expressed disappointment in her.

At that time, her mind was in the water, and she loved Bai Chenxi with all her heart. In order to show loyalty to the "male god" Bai Chenxi, she indicated that she would not accept Bai Qinghao's dinner.

Later, she didn't have dinner with Bai Qinghao again unless she had to.

Even in this life, she still missed the taste of this seafood shop.

Bai Qinghao looked at her with a somewhat emotional expression, "Have you been to this store?"

As far as he knew, she had never been here.

"No." She shook her head. I can't say that I have been with him in my previous life.

He raised his thick black eyebrows, "Why do you look so empathetic?"

"I saw what other diners wrote on the Internet." She made an excuse at random.

He didn't delve into it, staring at her injured right palm distressedly, "Your hand is injured and it is not convenient to eat. I will feed you."

She did not refuse, willing to enjoy his service, "Yeah."

A young man in a military uniform carried a medicine box and hurriedly walked into the box, "Commander, where are you injured? Call me in such a hurry!"

Fang Xinxin saw him and stood up excitedly, "Doctor Shi Qian!"

Seeing her excited reaction, Bai Qinghao didn't like her feeling like this for other men, "Do you know him?"

Of course know. Fang Xinxin lost weight a long time after marriage in her last life. At that time, her face was treated with medicine all the year round, and the area of large acne scabs was very deep. After the dried acne scabs were removed, the red marks on her face caused by drugs were unusual. , It is difficult to subside.

The red marks may even turn into deep yellowing, and the marks will not be eradicated for a lifetime.

At that time, she found several well-known doctors, but they couldn't cure it, but Shi Qian Nengzhi refused to prescribe medicine because of her opinion.

It was Bai Qinghao's three orders and five appeals before he could force her to prescribe medicine.

Only then did she leave no trace on her face, but her skin was getting better and better.

A doctor with such a superb medical skill is especially related to her beautiful appearance. Even if she is not excited, she still has to pretend to be a good impression of the other party.

"The doctor of the time has extraordinary medical skills. You are the first military doctor under the command of the army. The medical consultant of more than ten military hospitals in the imperial capital is not so famous." Fang Xinxin smiled, "I just haven't seen myself before. I have seen his resume a long time ago."

The scab on her face is about to fall off. If it is not wrong, there are red marks like new scars under the scab. When the doctor's medicine is needed...

He didn't want to trouble Bai Qinghao to put pressure on him, but made the other party really willing to prescribe medicine.

"Miss Fang San is polite." Shi Qian's attitude was cold. It's no secret that this woman has liked Bai Chenxi since she was a child.