Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Trust Her 1

Shi Qian looked down, really expensive...

It was not that he had never done this before, and the commander never let him check out himself.

I don't know what went wrong today, and I have to pay for it myself, and his eyes are on Fang Xinxin, who is being carried away by the commander.

Instantly understand that it is the price of making light bulbs.

Unfortunately, this enlightenment will cost more than 200,000 yuan.

The hotel owner smiled and gave Shi Qianbi a please sign, "Please check out."

Shi Qian reluctantly handed over his bank card.

Fang Xinxin and Bai Qinghao walked out of the hotel door and found that a lot of media reporters gathered in the venue outside the door. They obviously knew that they were eating in the hotel and squatting at the door.

A live news broadcast from a local TV station is playing on the screen on the outer wall of the building opposite:

In the news, Fang Lilan was wrapped in gauze and sitting on the hospital bed with a pale face. She was interviewed by a media reporter and cried with tears, "Xinxin, mom misses you, mom needs you. Mom doesn't ask for it. If you are filial, I beg you to come to the hospital to have a look at Mom, okay?"

The scene on the screen switched to the host's speech: "As of today in the 21st century, there are still people who are so unfilial. Moreover, according to our reporter's verification, Xinxin in the mouth of Ms. Fang Lilan is one of the best in the capital. Fang Xinxin, a student of Jinghua University, one of the universities. And this student has a noble status, that is, the fiancee of an important leader. In theory, Fang Xinxin is honored by his fiance, and has such a prominent status She should be more filial. Is it really that difficult to go to the hospital to see the biological mother who was in a car accident?"

Fang Xinxin stopped and watched the TV on the outer wall of the opposite building. Sure enough, she knew that Fang Lilan had another move.

Such a sluggish scene can also be acted, and the nurses posting is just what other people are saying. This time Fang Lilan jumped out to accuse her of being unfilial.

Want to make her drown in saliva alive?

When she lowered her head and swiped her phone, the media forum screamed her hotter than during the day. How can she be so bullied!

With the live broadcast on the screen, dozens of reporters flocked to Fang Xinxin and said excitedly, "Miss Fang San, can you accept the interview?"

The guards had long seen something wrong at the door, so they notified the commander in advance and mobilized manpower to come.

Right now, more than twenty guards with guns stood in front of Bai Qinghao and Fang Xinxin a few steps to prevent the large-voted reporters from approaching.

Seeing this, a large number of reporters did not dare to step forward.

A reporter asked Bai Qinghao, "Commander Bai, can I ask you two questions? It won't take you too much time!"

Originally thought he would be rejected, but Bai Qinghao said blankly, "Please speak."

He and Fang Xinxin were standing on the steps, and the reporters blocked by a row of guards were under the steps, and Bai Qinghao was already condescending from the position alone.

Coupled with his overbearing and ruthless and powerful aura, the scene that was originally noisy suddenly quieted down with Bai Qinghao's concise words.

"Commander Bai, you just saw the news. Your fiance seems...has a problem with her character. She is not filial even her mother, don't you have any opinions?"

Bai Qinghao's cold and sharp gaze cast a deep look at Fang Xinxin. When facing the reporter's camera, his voice was unhappy.