Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 363

Chapter 363: Trust Her 2

"My fiancee, whatever she does, she has her own reasons. Trusting her is the most basic principle for me as her fiance.

You just used this "seems" well. What the eyes see is not necessarily true. Chairman Fang Lilan has a childlike innocence, the so-called daughter must have her mother. Fang Manxue pretends to be my fiance to play around with everyone. Fang Lilan may not feel satisfied and needs to add a handful of firewood. "

The cold male voice showed the superiority of the superior, and just listening to his syllables made people involuntarily surrender.

The reporter asked respectfully and excitedly, "Can you be more specific?" The commander had an inside story, and he was going to dig out the news again!

"This is about to ask my fiancee." Bai Qinghao promised Fang Xinxin not to intervene in this matter, so he did not directly expose Fang Lilan's tricks of forging a car accident.

"I don't want to say nothing, just speak with the facts." Fang Xinxin said, "It just so happens that the hospital where my mother is now is very close to here, just turn right in front. If you don't feel troubled, you can talk to me. Take a trip together."

"Hey, there were not so many reporters when I came." Shi Qian walked out of the hotel carrying a medicine box.

"This is not the doctor of time. He is Commander Bai's exclusive military doctor, and he is also the medical consultant of many hospitals..." A reporter immediately recognized him.

In front of the media, Shi Qian raised his signature smile for the first time, "It's me, it's me. Hi! Good guys and girls!"

"Doctor Shi, may I ask if you are here...who is injured?" A female reporter asked, looking up at Bai Qinghao with a puzzled look, "Could it be Commander Bai..."

"Beauty, we are all qualified people. You can't write random news." Shi Qian showed her a standard handsome smile, "That's it," pointed to Fang Xinxin, "Commander Bai's fiance, Ms. Fang Xinxin, has a meal. When I was eating fruit, I accidentally cut my hand with a fruit knife. I came over to help her take a look."

He had asked the guard Fang Xinxin the origin of his hand injury.

I can't see that she would actually grab a knife with bare hands for the commander, she still has a bit of... brainless bravery.

If this happened, it could sell some news feed. It's a pity that I gave up for fear of being disabled by the commander.

Fang Xinxin also raised his injured right hand, which was coated with powder and no gauze.

The weather is relatively hot to avoid inflammation, and it will get better without gauze.

"It turned out to be so." The female reporter nodded, "Commander Bai really dotes on his fiance. He cuts the fruit and slashes the doctor while working."

"Serving the commander, everything is fine, as it should be." Shi Qian's smile was bright and dazzling.

A bunch of reporters didn't settle this matter. After all, Fang Xinxin's great filial piety was the subject of their interview.

"Doctor Shi, I'm about to go to the hospital." Fang Xinxin invited, "Could you please send out and see my mother once?"

Shi Qian wanted to refuse. Looking at so many camera shots, in order to spread the reputation of the male **** in the medical world, he nodded, "Of course it's okay."

The group of people walked directly to the hospital which was not far to the right.

A single ward on the second floor of the hospital was crowded with reporters. Fang Lilan was being interviewed weakly, crying out that Fang Xinxin was not filial, "You said, do you have such a daughter in the world? His mother refused to accept a car accident. Take a look, I really raised her for nothing, my heart hurts!"