Sweet And Pampered Military Marriage: Spare Me Commander Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Can Filial Piety Be Measured By Money

"Mom, here I am!" Fang Xinxin suddenly appeared at the door of the ward.

Fang Lilan was surprised that she suddenly appeared, and her face pale due to deliberate makeup immediately showed a relieved expression, "Xinxin, you are finally willing to come to see mom!"

Two lines of tears fell straight, "Don't blame Mom for forcing you to visit the patient in front of the media, it's really... Mom misses you too much."

In the ward, the camera was broadcast live on several TV stations. I dont know how many internet media will reprint it.

No matter how you have to make all your friends think that Fang Xinxin is unfilial, and he came under the pressure of public opinion.

As soon as Fang Xinxin appeared, all the reporters' shots immediately shifted to her, "Miss Fang San, may I ask, why didn't you show up in the first time in your mother's car accident?"

"You are here now, can't you bear the pressure of public opinion?"

"The public opinion on this matter has fermented so much that the majority of netizens deeply feel that you are not filial. Do you think that it is too late at this time?"

A polite but sharp question made Fang Xinxin silent.

Fang Lilan sat on the hospital bed, looking at her speechless, she was very proud.

A ray of cruelty flashed through his slightly drooping eyes.

Just want to make Fang Xinxin a bitch, just want her to be ruined and become a rat crossing the street!

Fang Xinxin was silent for a few seconds before asking, "Can filial piety be measured by money?"


Unexpectedly, she actually asked such a question, and several reporters were blinded.

At the same time, the melon-eating crowds holding their mobile phones watching the live broadcast angrily left messages in major forums:

[Fang Xinxin is really shameless, how can filial piety be measured by money?

[It seems to be okay, after all, giving money to parents is also an expression of true love this year.

[That said, but the heart is the most important thing. I think Fang Xinxin is relying on the identity of Commander Bais fiance not to take family affection seriously! What a black-hearted woman!


In the single ward of the hospital, Fang Lilan smiled sadly during the live broadcast. "Xinxin, Mom knows that you have climbed the high branch of the Bai family, and your wings are hard. How can a person be filial or not measured by money? Besides... you are a sophomore who didn't make a penny, so what about filial piety with money!"

It was a bitter talk, it was a miserable trick, and forced Fang Xinxin to death.

"Mom, keep talking." Fang Xinxin's bright water pupil flashed unexpected pain, and the tone was low, "Let me see, how much wrong do I have in your eyes?"

"Since you keep saying that using money can replace filial piety, Fang's enterprise is in economic crisis. Have you ever asked the Bai family to help?" Fang Lilan looked sad. "You don't have any money. You can't afford it. Even your mother lay down. In the hospital, you have to rely on pressure from the media to force you to show up...You are not even worthy of being an individual!"

When all reporters heard this, they looked at Fang Xinxin with strangeness and contempt.

Standing in the corridor, Bai Qinghao's face was so cold that there was a sense of rigid lines.

Fang Lilan, this bastard, really hasn't been cleaned up!

Fang Xinxin laughed bitterly, "It turns out that in my mother's heart, I am not worthy of being a human being."

A reporter said righteously, "Miss Fang San, you...As a media person, I don't know how to evaluate your behavior. I just want to ask, do you regret it?"

Fang Xinxin's face also showed a sorrowful pain, "No, I never regret it."

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